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Akkoy Evleric Cave Hotel

Akköy Village
Urgup, Turkey
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Akkoy Evleri Cave Hotel offers two types of accommodation: Boutique Cave Hotel and Uvercinka Museum House The village house-cum-cave hotel contains: Nine stone-cave rooms as well as a Carved Restaurant with authentic fireplaces to keep the place warm in all seasons. The quality of the cave rooms makes one feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All rooms are different from each other in their size, shape and qualities. And yet, they each have the signature curves, texture, cupboards, fireplaces, arches and characteristic decoration of the region, but also the village’s local architecture. The Hotel’s commanding location gives you the full view of the ancient village of Akköy as well as the surrounding valleys and mountains with three such village formations, fertile fields, and the unique landscape of Cappadocia. The Cave Boutique Hotel is owned and renovated by Mehmet Güleç, born and raised in Akköy while the village was still fully inhabited back in 1960s. The hotel is marked by its serenity, comforting hospitality and welcoming of its owner and its staff, the unique features of the village, and custom-designed tours and expeditions in order to satisfy your needs in the areas of historical site-seeing, nature tours, trekking, photography, safari, and bio-tourism. Akkoy Evleri kitchen provides meals that are prepared from fresh ingredients every day by Mehmet's family and staff. Ingredients are locally produced and organically grown, no chemicals, additives or preservatives. The village cuisine also includes special meat dishes cooked slowly underground, dumplings filled with meat and herbs, local deserts and salads. Our Cave Bar has a selection of local wines as well as our very own house wine produced by the grapes and fruits collected from our fields, through the secret formulas of Mehmet! Uvercinka is adjacent to the Cave Hotel but is a self-standing, authentically renovated museum house owned and decorated by Nergis Canefe. It is rented by groups and families on a longer term basis. It is a masterpiece in masonry and woodwork displaying the best of local craftsmen’s talents. Uvercinka is particularly designed as a family or artists' residence fully furnished and independent for long-term stay. It offers the perfect escape for artists, writers, musicians who wish to hold workshops, master-classes or run writing and creative arts sessions. For additional needs, it is linked with the Cave Hotel for extra amenities and bed-capacity.