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The Babushka Grand Hostel

Overall Rating
60 Malaya Arnautskaya
Odessa, Ukraine
Hostel Availability
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Important! The entrance is on Malaya Arnautskaya building #60, near the corner of Ekaterinenskaya. It is a red/pink wooden door on the street, press the top buzzer to be let in. Important! 85 Ekaterinenskaya is the technical address, but has no entrance to the hostel. Our Hostel: Our hostel is a large spacious apartment with chandeliers and gold gilded ceilings. We have two balconies for lounging or smoking, two bathrooms and a large comfy communal area with carpets and a TV. Our kitchen is fully functional with a blender, microwave, stove, and oven. The dorm room is large, carpeted and spacious. Our private rooms are luxurious and decorated with classic furniture. The apartment's 18th century aristocratic style makes the Babushka Grand a truly gorgeous hostel which helps add to the home-like relaxed atmosphere that we try to provide for travellers rushing around Eastern Europe and exploring the former Soviet Union. Extras: Because we want to have time to get to know you, we offer discounts for our long term guests, but IF YOU ARE IN UKRAINE LOOKING FOR A WIFE THROUGH AN AGENCY PLEASE FIND OTHER ACCOMMODATIONS. Tours: We save you from getting ripped off by providing our own local tour guides that can show you any of the popular historic sites, galleries or museums. Or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous we are also happy to show you the dive bars, the slums, the courtyards or catacombs under Odessa. We can also arrange special excursions for you to go to a nearby castle and shoot cannons, visit a babushka and eat a traditional home cooked feast with traditional drinks, check out the graffiti and abandoned buildings, take cruises on yachts, go to a shooting range, go on a pub crawl (dive bar or disco). We can put together Russian, Ukrainian lessons and Odessa style cooking classes. Whatever you imagine, we can arrange it.