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2011 Eurotrip

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I know from the map itinerary above that it doesn’t seem like I am giong to see much but I actually have a pile of stuff to see and do in the time frame that I have.
The first weekend after I arrive is Easter weekend so thought it would be nice to spend it in London beofre heading to Wales and a stop to see Stonehendge along the way. Then a few days in and around Bath/Bristol before heading back to London for the Royal wedding.
Afterwards heading up to Scotland. My stop in Edinburgh may include some research into my family tree as my Grandmother was born in the area just north of there and my sister would love it if I could get some more information about relatives in the area. So I am not sure if I can do research just in Edinburgh, or if I will actually have to go up the towns/cites of Fife, Buckhaven, and Pittenween to do this. Not to mention getting to those cities themselves as have thought about renting a car for a day or two to travel to all of them just for convenience of getting around.
Then a couple of days in Inverness getting a taste of the Scottish Highlands and seeing Loch Ness before heading back to London for my last weekend before heading home.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome!