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6 week europe trip

annapalooza has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    edit 2/10/10 more specific adjustments
    Holy crap this was a lot more research than my dried out eyeballs wanted to do.
    But it’s there! I did it! I can’t wait to actually go to europe and screw this schedule up so hard I wont even recognize it.

    13 Christine and Nadia Ticket to London Purchased. Departing 18:45.
    14 Arrival in London Heathrow 11:50. BMI flight to Edinburgh 1:55 arrive about 3pm. Castle Rock Hostel.
    15 Edinburgh city. Pub Crawl. Castle Rock Hostel.
    16 Edinburgh city/hike. Castle Rock Hostel.
    17 Flight to Dublin 8am Ryanair. Train to Galway 11:30. Arrival ~3:30. Kinlay House.
    18 Galway city. Cliffs of Mohr. Coast. Kinlay House.
    19 Galway or Train to Killarney, possible explore Dingle Peninsula. Railway Hostel
    20 Train to Dublin 5:49 am arrival ~8 am. Explore Dublin. Flight to London 7:15 pm arrival ~8:15pm. Stay with Roz
    21 London city/sights. Pubs. Stay with Roz.
    22 Windsor castle, Stonehenge. Stay with Roz.
    23 London city/sights. Stay with Roz.
    24 London city/sights. Rugby game @5:30 pm. Stay with Roz.
    25 Eurostar to Paris 8:26 am. Paris city/sights. Hostel.
    26 Paris city/sights. Hostel.
    27 Paris city/Versailles. Hostel. *28*Early train to Mainz. Burg Eltz visit. Train to Bacharach/Rhine River location. Hostel. *29*Sightsee Rhine River. Up to Koln. Train to Berlin 6:48 pm arrive about 11pm. U inn Berlin
    30 Berlin city/sights. U inn Berlin
    1 Berlin city/sights. U inn Berlin
    2 Train to Prague at 4:36pm arrival ~9:36pm
    3 Prague city/sights. Little Town Hostel.
    4 Prague city/sights. Little Town Hostel.
    5 Prague city/sights. Train to Vienna 5:39pm arrival~10pm. Hostel Ruthensteiner
    6 Vienna city/sights. Hostel Ruthensteiner
    7 Vienna city/sights. Orchestra/Opera visit. Hostel Ruthensteiner.
    8 Nadia Flies to Lon 2:45pm ~ 3 hrs. Christine goes somewhere.
    Beyond this it’s a little shakey right now. I only know for certain the 24th through the 31st so I’m just going to put in general itinerary ideas right now.
    9 Fussen
    10 Switzerland
    11 Switzerland
    12 Switzerland. Fly to Barcelona.
    13 Barcelona.
    14 Barcelona.
    15 Barcelona. Train to Madrid.
    16 Madrid.
    17 Madrid.
    18 Madrid. Overnight train or late flight to Paris.
    19 Train to Tours. Sightsee chateaus.
    20 Tours, chateaus. Late train to Paris.
    21 Paris.
    22 Paris.
    23 Paris.
    24 Adam arrives 6ish Paris. Stay at apartment.
    25 Sightsee Paris. Stay at apartment.
    26 Sightsee Paris. Stay at apartment.
    27 Eurostar to London 3:15pm. Hostel.
    28 London city/sights. Hostel
    29 London city/sights. Hostel.
    30 London city/sights. Day trip? Hostel.
    31Adam Depart 1:00pm to Seattle. Christine departure 20:00. Arrive in NYC 22:35

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    Not a bad itinerary! You certainly have done your research…

    Any questions?