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+Cheapest Europe Trip Ever

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The goal of this trip is to travel around Europe for as long as possible and spend the least amount of money. I have sight seeing sorted for free in every city on the list (yes I do) and accommodation sorted for all bar 6 of the cities on the list, also for free. I honestly believe I will be able to do this trip on $20-$30 per day, maybe even less as food is the only other major expense on my budget.

I don’t know when I will be taking this trip – sometime between now and August next year.

I am couch surfing and using global free loaders for this trip as well as doing some volunteering for my accommodation and breakfast in various cities.

All the sight-seeing I will be doing is free. I got an e-book on free sights in Europe from and will only be doing stuff from the book. Every city on my itinerary is from the book and are the only cities I intend to visit apart from 1 or 2 side trips.

So do you think I should increase the time I stay in specific cites, or decrease it? Any other ideas? Such as reducing food costs.

What is your overall thoughts on my plan?

PS- My rail pass is not included in my budget.