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Euro honeymoon

PRACHI has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    New Member
    New Member
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    Hi !
    this is going to be our first euro trip , its our honeymoon so we are looking for a trip which is a mix of relaxing, exploring, partying and experiencing different cultures, we are both 25 years old, enjoy rock music, clubbing as well as trying different cuisines.
    I would appreciate some feedback for helping us plan better

    1. Is this the best route for the trip ? the order of the cities or should we interchange?planning to make it an open jaw trip to save time
    2. we are looking at visiting many places , hence are looking at spending time only at the top cities in these countries, so are the option selected okay or should we change?
    3. any other suggestions are welcome

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    1. Probably yes. Start looking at flights to see if reversing the trip or another pair of cities is a better deal for a reasonably priced flight. Also, you’ll want to fly from Dublin, so you might end up rearranging the rest of your trip around what you find for reasonably priced flights from Dublin.
    2. These are fine cities to visit. IMO, visiting only big cities is not the way to experience Europe, but if that’s what you want, go for it. I do not think Dublin is very representative of what Ireland has to offer. Either spend an extra day there and get out of the city for at least one day trip or save Ireland for your next trip when you can actually see Ireland,not just visit a city. 2 weeks in Ireland and UK, would make a good 2nd trip— adding Paris and/or Amsterdam if you still think a whirlwind trip of big cities is the way to go. 3. You mention relaxing as a priority — little time for that on this trip. When you figure travel time between these cities you’re going to be on-the-move a significant portion of the time — getting checked out of hostel/hotel, getting to train station, at train station, on train, in train station, figuring out how to get to new hostel, getting to new hostel, getting checked in, getting oriented to new neighborhood and new city. Flying makes it worse as it adds getting to from airports (usually at least 45 minute and you start from the train station) and 2 hour check-in time to the mix. While it’s certainly a doable pace, I do not think it will be relaxing.