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Europe 2014

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Hello again,

So we’ve booked our flights from Vancouver and flying into Frankfurt, and then flying from London back to Vancouver. Our trip is for 38 days. We’re super excited to go.. but we’ve discovered we’d like to see lots, but experience the culture as well. Do you think this itinerary set out is wayy too much? Or is it feasible? I have no idea, I’m thinking it’s a lot, but then we want to see lots as well. Is there something you’d cut out? Any feedback would be welcome!

We’re also wondering about transportation while we’re there. We were thinking flights as we have heard they are relatively cheap. However, we’ve also considered getting rail passes. Would it be worth it for us to do so based on the places we’ve outlined? Again, we’re not sure.

Also, we’re wondering if you guys have had any experience couch surfing and do you guys think it’s a good idea? or should we just hostel it?

Thanks again for all your feedback! This is a great site!