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First time- Barcelona - Italy- Amsterda - Paris - London

Bianca Braga has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    Bianca Braga
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    Hi everybody,
    my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to europe on feb2013. It is our first time in europe. Could someone give us advices about the best transportation between these cities?
    We want to save money but we also want to save time. Many tks

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    Barcelona to Rome — fly as you’ve already figured out.
    Rome to Venice — train, it’s faster than flying
    Venice to Amsterdam — fly
    Amsterdam to London — probably train, if you can find a low fare on one of the trains with a fast connection in Brussels, otherwise, whichever is cheaper
    London to Paris — train
    Paris to Barcelona — flight or overnight train — however a MUCH better ooption is an open jaw flight (into Barcelona out of Paris , Amsterdam or London, or vice versa if it’s cheaper) to avoid the time and expense of getting back to Barcelona. Use the “multi-city” option of flight searches and see out “cheap flights” forum for more help.