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I would look at spending time on the Croatian Coast in addition to or instead of Zagreb.

If you’re traveling by train, I think you will find it easier to go to Moscow first and then to St. Petersburg. Also, find out what you need for a Russian Visa several months in advance. If it’s the same for Canadians as for US Citizens you will need to make lodging reservations well in advance so you can get letters of invitation for your visa application. I would avoid any route that goes through Belarus so you don’t have to get a visa for Belarus, too.

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Thanks a lot for the advice. Wink My friends and I are in the very early stages of planning this and at this point it seems like a lot to do in one summer, so I am trying to see where we can cut some places and maybe spend a little more time staying in one place. We want to see a lot, but one summer just wont cut it!!

We were thinking about maybe leaving Russia for another time, seeing as its somewhat out of the way and spending the time in Ibiza or the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik in particular.

We all have EU passports and so far we havent had problems travelling with those in Europe, instead of our Canadian passports. But I am not sure how that will work if we do decide to go to Russia, as well. I guess thats something to ask the Consulate.

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You want to cut places? I have suggestions.
Place to cut entirely (preferably): Marseilles
Places to cut down on days spent there: Hanover, Toulouse, Saint Tropez, Milan, Venice. You can comfortably cut down on time spend in most of your cities, or add more cities accordingly.