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demps has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    Hey everyone!
    Never got around to my last trip, but I am definitely going summer of 2012. I have been returning to a camp in the states for the past few summers, which has limited my ability to do long travel (mostly week trips). I think this is the year to finally cut the cord on the summer camps and make my quest across the ocean. I haven’t yet decided when I am going (Either July or August) I know this isn’t the most optimal time to go … however I just started my teaching career and my time off is limited to summers from here on out. If anyone could take a look at what I have planned (completely tentative right now) and let me know what you think. Are there places I should drop? Places I should add? It was a toss up for either Greece or Italy and I have been back an forth for a while now. This map shows Italy, but I would be open to doing Greece instead if you think it would be easier to accomplish. Also should I spend more time in certain places and less in others? I realize you could spend the entire trip in one or two places, however I want to cover some ground while I am there. Really appreciate the help guys.

    Thanks in advance