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Heillie - Eurotrip

lusian has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    lusian's profile picture
    New Member
    New Member
    Eurotrip Points: 43
    Member: 23541
    Joined: 03/19/2010
    User offline. Last seen 1 year 6 weeks ago.

    If anyone has been to any of these cities and has any suggestions, please let me know!!

    Also, I am wondering if this trip is doable.

    Presently, I am thinking of buying a round-trip to Paris. So far it’s the cheapest option I have found.

    Open to any suggestions and comments. Thanks Smile

    tigrouflip's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 381
    Member: 15484
    Joined: 06/27/2009
    User offline. Last seen 4 years 49 weeks ago.

    You do not have enough time in London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. You have too much time in Venice, Grimmelwald (unless you go to a few places in the valley/vicinity), and Cinque Terre. I would redistribute a little bit, and the trip will be more doable.

    DreamingOfItaly's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 273
    Member: 21697
    Joined: 01/26/2010
    User offline. Last seen 4 years 14 weeks ago.

    Only 1 day in Rome is not worth it. Allocate minimum 3 days (4 would be better) or save Rome for your next trip.

    Also, I don’t think 3 days is too much in Venice, though you could cut one day if you needed to. I would stay at least 2 days.

    lusian's profile picture
    New Member
    New Member
    Eurotrip Points: 43
    Member: 23541
    Joined: 03/19/2010
    User offline. Last seen 1 year 6 weeks ago.

    Thanks for the comments!!Smile

    I have made a few changes.

    I have taken a day away from Venice and given one more day to Rome and Barcelona. I have 4 days allocated to Gimmelwald because apparently it takes almost a full day to travel from Munich to Gimmelwald. There’s a couple of train changes, at one point we gotta take a bus and then also the gondola up to Gimmelwald. Also part of the 4th day allocated to Gimmelwald will be spent on travelling to Barcelona.

    That’s is more or less the logic behind it.

    Anyone know what would be the easiest/simplest way to get to Barcelona from Gimmelwald? Still haven’t figured that part out. I don’t want it to be too time consuming. Maybe a train to a city on the way and then a plane to Barcelona??

    Once again any comments or suggestions are more than welcome!

    finnegan's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 1016
    Member: 9612
    Joined: 01/29/2009
    User offline. Last seen 5 years 6 days ago.

    My Honest opinion would be to cut Madrid and Barcelona. This would cut down a lot of travel time. After Switzerland head to Strasbourg for a day, then onto Amsterdam, then Paris and London.