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Lynzy & Nicole's Life Abroad!!

luhu7 has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    My friend Nicole is already living in Corruna, Spain. I have booked my flight out there and we are starting the journey in Paris. We have both decided that we want the Eurail Global Pass unlimited for 3 months. I do not have a flight home booked and plan to have at least $1000 in my acct. at all times to fund my way home. She is tutoring english all over Spain right now and has some opportunities lined up for us to work our way around Europe as we travel =)
    Places we KNOW we will be:
    Paris (July 1-July 5)
    San Sebastian (July 5-July 10) – - we are going for San Fermines, but have decided NOT to stay in Pamplona due to sold-out hostels and outrageous prices on what’s left. We are instead renting a car and will travel between San Sebastian and Pamplona (roughly 1 hour) for the festivities.
    Corruna (July 11-July 13) – - we are going to stop in Corruna to settle all of our luggage. She has friends who will let us keep the bulk of our stuff there so we aren’t lugging it all over Europe. Corruna is HOMEBASE.
    Genoa – - we aren’t sure when we are going to get to Genoa or how long we are going to stay, but we are super excited about working there and staying with friends!!

    Any ideas that people have about our itinerary, I’d LOVE to hear all about it!!!