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Southside or Bust

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I’m new at this and any insight regarding how to fill my time would be very much appreciated. Sights, cities, the sensational, tell all.

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Hey there! I happened to notice you wanted some help or advice, and I’ve been to some of the cities you’re going to, so here are some tips:


Where to start? Haha, well depending on what you’re personal preferences are regarding marijuana, there is a lot you can do. There are coffee shops galore that are more than able to meet your smoking needs. If you’re a little adventurous, I highly recommend purchasing some shrooms, and then renting a bike and biking around the city. Sounds kind of crazy and insane, but might end up being the most fun you’ll ever have! On a non-drug related note, if you’re into art, I would highly suggest the Ryks Museum. It has some amazing pieces of art, and The Night Watch by Rembrandt is housed there, which remains one of my favorite paintings. If you’re into music, check out the Paradiso. It’s an old church that they turned into a concert venue. Even if you don’t know the band playing there, buy a ticket, it shouldn’t be too expensive and just enjoy some music and get some drinks. I saw Man Man there, and it was one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been to! Lastly, you can’t leave without going to the Heineken Factory! It’s next to the Ryks and for a nominal fee you get a tour and some beer at the end! It might be a good idea to go to the Heineken factory, grab a few beers to get your buzzzzz on, and then head to Ryks Museum. It makes the museum much much much more enjoyable Smile


Amazing City! People everywhere, and the history of Germany is fascinating and you can learn a lot about it. Definitely visit the Reichstag, the capital building, and try to get a tour of it. The tour takes you to the top of the building and you get to go into the giant dome on top. It’s a pretty good view of the City. They have a pretty crazy night life, so find some people in your hostel, and hit the town! Getting drunk with strangers can produce some great stories, and also help you make some good international friends! I wasn’t in Berlin for too long, so I don’t have much more advice there.


Ich liebe Munchen! Munich is an awesome city as well! Ton’s of shopping districts and perhaps the most walking-friendly city ever. There are tons of streets that are just for walking, which makes getting around easy. Since you’re only there for one day hit up the Hofbrahaus for some good times, and stereotypical German fun. NOTE: Don’t try stealing the Hofbrahaus Beer Mugs they serve you, they don’t appreciate it, haha. It’s a cool city, so just walk around and enjoy watching a parade of the nicest cars you’ve ever seen drive up and down the streets non-stop.


Hands down, the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I don’t have too much advice for here besides just do as much as you can while you are there. In fact, I would recommend spending more time here and less in Zurich. I haven’t been to Zurich, but I have heard from friends that it is cool, but it is really just kind of a large modern city, with not too much Swiss personality. If you want to go to a large city in Switzerland, I’d suggest Bern or Lucerne. They are both more Swiss feeling, and have more interesting things to do. If I were you, I’d do 2 nights in Bern/Lucerne (do some research and figure out which one) and then do 3 nights in Interlaken. As far as hostels, I HIGHLY recommend Balmers Herberge. It’s a lively hostel with its own bar underground, and a ton of happy travelers. It’s very English-Friendly, nearly everyone who works there is from the US, Australia or the UK. They do their own excursions from the hostel itself, and I think you can get discounts if you’re staying at the hostel. In short, Interlaken is incredible and I wish I spent more time there, I definitely want to go back!

Alright Sir rwasylyshyn, I hope some of that helped. I’m always glad to provide advice where its needed. It seems like you have a great trip ahead of you, and I’m happy to provide my insight on the cities I know a little something about. My best advice I can give you as a whole is to be as outgoing as humanly possible. Ask people in your hostel to go out to a museum, a club, a bar, a cafe, a concert, or just anything with you. Everyone in the hostels is looking for the same thrill and experience as you, and the more the merrier definitely applies for Europe. Some of my best memories from Europe don’t come from the places necessarily, but rather the people I met and traveled with. So, with that said, have a great trip, meet people, and don’t be afraid to go a little crazy!

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Awesome post BavarianDevil! Welcome to Eurotrip. Smile