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Summer 2011

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    with this sort of itinerary, I’d skip Munich and go straight from Paris to Rome on a night train. Work your way back up to Venice through Florence and the Cinque Terre and then fly to Athens. I don’t think 2 days really gives you any time on each of the Greek islands so I’d probably cut it down to one island and spend most of the time between there and Athens. I’d shoot for 3-4 days on an island and 2-3 days in Athens.

    Also, why is Piombino, Italy on here? Is that a specific place where someone you know lives or something? If not, cut it out and add those extra days to Rome and maybe Florence. Also, if you cut out Munich, I’d add 2 of the days to London and one to Paris.

    Personally, I’d go with something like this:
    Dublin 3 days- FLY to
    London 5 days- EUROSTAR to
    Paris 4 days- OVERNIGHT TRAIN to
    Rome 4 days- TRAIN to
    Florence 3 days- TRAIN to
    Cinque Terre 2 days- TRAIN to
    Venice 2 days- FLY to
    Athens 2 days- FERRY to
    Greek Isles 4 days- FERRY to
    Athens 1 day- FLY home

    You could sensibly do a day trip from London in that time frame (perhaps to Stonehenge? I highly recommend it, it’s pretty awesome. If you take a train it’s only about 1.5 hrs each way), and see Versailles right outside of Paris during one of your Paris days. You could spend one of the four Rome days in Vatican city as well.