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USAF Jared's Eurotrip Summer 2011

USAF_wanderer has not decided when they are going to leave yet...
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    oldlady's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 19
    Member: 778
    Joined: 01/03/2007
    User offline. Last seen 47 weeks 5 days ago.

    What are your plans for 5 days in Brussels? I’d cut 3 days in Brussels, the day in Pisa and add Florence, with a day trip to Pisa.

    I like your leisurely pace, but I’d be planning 1 or 2 day trips from each city to break up the city, city, city monotony. You’ve picked some good base cities for a “base city/day trip” style. See if you can find a copy of Europe by Eurail at the library or used book store as it describes good day trips from almost all of your cities. Don’t shell out the money for the latest edition as the annual updates are just eurail pass prices and some train schedule updates — both of which will be out of date by the time you get your hands on the book, anyway.

    finnegan's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 1016
    Member: 9612
    Joined: 01/29/2009
    User offline. Last seen 6 years 2 days ago.

    Good advice on Brussels old lady. it’s a beautiful old town, but 1 or two days max would be enough. See the Mannequin Piis statue, sit in the main square and enjoy some great Kriek beer, have a dinner of mussels and frites then leave the next day (okay maybe have some waffles too). If you are going to take it slow and sopend 4 or 5 days in each city, I would be looking at doing some side trips (i.e. the medieval town/castle of Karlstejn is a nice sidetrip from Prague).

    USAF_wanderer's profile picture
    New Member
    New Member
    Eurotrip Points: 21
    Member: 33012
    Joined: 01/22/2011
    User offline. Last seen 6 years 21 weeks ago.

    Thanks for the advice! Trip is still a ways out so I can always make changes. So maybe 2&2 for Bruges and Brussels?

    mim's profile picture
    Eurotrip Points: 2362
    Member: 235
    Joined: 01/03/2007
    User offline. Last seen 2 years 4 weeks ago.

    Yeah, that could work. 3 days total for the two would also suffice depending on how you want to pace yourself.