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M.F is leaving from Mexico City with $3000 for 22 days
London, Calais, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Bucharest, Istanbul, Athens, Bari, Rome
EuroMadness09 is leaving from Newark with $5000 for 43 days
London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Ibiza Town, Barcelona, Nice, Paris, London
clc5055 is traveling
bella_222 is traveling
gametime is leaving from La Crosse, WI with $3000 for 35 days
Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Rome, Zürich, Paris, Brussels
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights
anrome is leaving from Lousiville KY with $2000 for 7 days
London, Paris
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Sights
caitlin.hannah is leaving from San Francisco with $3000 for 35 days
emmilee is leaving from brisbane with $6000 for 396 days
Jekster is leaving from Indianapolis, Indiana with $8000 for 43 days
Dublin, London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Portsmouth, Paris, Bordeaux, Rome, Florence, Venice, Prague, Kraków, Brussels
skidzach is leaving from Amsterdam with $600 for 5 days
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels
Hurock is traveling
EM655458 is leaving from Philadelphia with $1600 for 16 days
Dublin, London, Nice, Bastia, Capri, Rome, Dublin
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights
jahnavi.dainton is leaving from London and traveling for 14 days
Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam
genevievetl is leaving from Halifax, Canada with $7900 for 93 days
Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon, Lisbon, Faro, Seville, Valencia, Ibiza Town, Barcelona, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseilles
Requesting help with Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Sights
stephenjoyce is leaving from Vancouver with $5000 for 17 days
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Barcelona
juneohashi is leaving from Vancouver bc canada with $2000 for 11 days
London, Glasgow, Leeds
Requesting help with Transport, Food
juneohashi is traveling
stephenjoyce is traveling
jo1976 is leaving from Leeds with $720 for 23 days
andydandy is traveling
Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseilles, Paris, London, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Prague, Salzburg, Berne, Milan, Venice, Ancona, Rome, Brindisi, Patras, Athens, Mýkonos
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Nightlife, Sights