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beccat142 is leaving from denver with $2000 for 16 days
beccat142 is leaving from denver with $1000 for 19 days
Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, Dublin
cobo is leaving from CA with $4000 for 20 days
slawson is leaving from San Fransisco with $2200 for 36 days
London, Amsterdam, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Cannes, Geneva, Interlaken, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid
Geoffrette is leaving from Leeds and traveling for 23 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Nuremberg, Venice, Verona, Milan, Geneva, Montpellier, Barcelona, Paris
Requesting help with Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights
Estelio is leaving from Chicago, Il with $3000 for 78 days
Florence, Rome, Ostia Antica, Capaccio, Archaía Olympía, Sparti, Nafplion, Delphi, Athens, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Basel, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, London, Dublin
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Food, Sights
chinombre is leaving from Los Angeles with $1000 for 11 days
Madrid, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Barcelona
Requesting help with Transport, Itinerary
laurataylor is leaving from london with $1500 for 9 days
Paris, Venice, Rome, London
laurataylor is traveling
tony_stella is leaving from Madison, WI with $3000 for 17 days
mili127 is leaving from miami with $2500 for 22 days
Rome, London, Madrid
npebbles is leaving from Los Angeles, CA with $2500 for 23 days
Bonn, Ninove, London, Paris, Florence
dukefan1297 is leaving from Raleigh, NC with $2000 for 19 days
London, Paris, Prague, Venice, Rome, Monte-Carlo, Barcelona
Requesting help with Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights
t0them0on is traveling
t0them0on is traveling
aleclem10 is leaving from Isreal with $1800 for 22 days
zaira is leaving from orlando with $2000 for 30 days
Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul
elliesiedow is leaving from Minneapolis, MN with $2500 for 26 days
chrissylynnh is leaving from Lincoln, NE with $4000 for 32 days
Munich, Venice, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Nice, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague
billcarinci is leaving from Raleigh, NC with $2000
Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Venice