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Trips In Progress

new2lv is leaving from salt lake city with $3000 for 15 days
Milan, Venice, Interlaken, Berlin, Amsterdam, London
shalalalucy is leaving from Dublin with $1750 for 19 days
Dublin, Paris, Neuchâtel, Rome, Venice, Munich, Göttingen, Bruges, Amsterdam, Dublin
andy89swe is leaving from Orebro, Sweden and traveling for 31 days
Malmö, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Barcelona, Nice, Milan, Venice, Salzburg, Stein bei Nürnberg
chris182 is leaving from Bratislava and traveling for 31 days
Venice, San Marino, Rome, Vatican, Florence, Milan, Nice, Grasse, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Marseilles, Andorra la Vella
finding_moe is traveling for 19 days
Paris, Cologne, Frankfurt, Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Florence, Rome
bnkneurope has budgeted $4000
alexg2009 is leaving from Paris with $2500 for 22 days
Madrid, Madrid
E_Bravo is leaving from new york with $3000 for 30 days
Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Athens
pupzzz is leaving from london with $550 for 11 days
alejandrobarista is leaving from SAT with $1000 for 16 days
floody2009 is leaving from london with $2500 for 48 days
Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Nice, Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples
jamiemurrell is leaving from London with $5000 for 71 days
Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, Istanbul, Athens, Prague
downtoearth_ is leaving from South Florida with $4500 for 16 days
Amsterdam, Dublin, Galway
kirstymeech is leaving from london with $2000 for 89 days
mwunderman is leaving from Paris with $3000
El Nino is leaving from London with $2500 for 31 days
Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Milan, Barcelona
Senseless is leaving from London with $3000 for 33 days
Edinburgh, Oxford, London, Cádiz, Madrid, Barcelona, Montpellier, Nice, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Hamburg
lightninblueeyes is traveling
London, Edinburgh
jazz is leaving from dallas, texas with $3500 for 45 days
snakra is leaving from Paris with $1000 for 31 days
Bordeaux, Donostia, Santander, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Amsterdam