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benqc is leaving from montreal with $3000 for 38 days
cecucalon is leaving from Miami with $2500 for 24 days
Barcelona, Genoa, Florence, Rome, Venice, Budapest, Zürich, London, Paris
benqc is leaving from montreal with $3000 for 53 days
passionflwr22 is leaving from Chicago with $3500 for 24 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Luxembourg, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam
arnie2900 is leaving from Minneapolis, Minnesota with $2000 for 22 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Zürich, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Athens, Mýkonos, Amsterdam
joshbo22 is leaving from USA with $2000 for 18 days
Athens, Corfu, Poreč, Venice, London, Zürich
skyewakefield is leaving from Australia with $8700 for 155 days
London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Monaco, Florence, Rome, Athens, Mýkonos, Dubrovnik, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Lucerne, Dubrovnik, Split
tjpoole is leaving from Vancouver,bc with $3000 for 15 days
Barcelona, Marseilles, Nice, Venice, Pisa
speckman has budgeted $100 for 24 days
chrissa4 is leaving from st. louis, mo with $2500 for 19 days
Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Frankfurt, Nice, Rome, Vienna, Athens
Nat is leaving from Toronto with $5000 for 38 days
London, Paris, Zürich, Munich, Salzburg, Venice, Rome, Athens, London
randa nabil is leaving from egypt with $3600 for 32 days
Paris, Barcelona, Rome, London, Ibiza Town, Portimão, Paris
jim.dorton is leaving from Keele University, England with $1800 for 22 days
erikafdecker is leaving from NYC with $6000 for 62 days
Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Nice, Venice, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Geneva, Berlin, Munich, Interlaken, Salzberg, Salzberg, Podere Liguria, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam
redknight is leaving from orlando with $8000 for 59 days
Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam
ann4hearts59 is leaving from lynchburg, va with $2000 for 15 days
jbeuro2009 is leaving from Nice with $3000 for 32 days
Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Athens, Mýkonos, Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam
mahler is leaving from Tel Aviv with $1500 for 9 days
Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Budapest
apalmer6 is leaving from Ireland with $1000
Málaga, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Andorra la Vella, Arles