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Trips In Progress

misbahneo is leaving from Toulouse with $1160 for 15 days
Montpellier, Paris, Strasbourg, Munich, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam
Zeller is leaving from baltimore md with $3000 for 30 days
London, Calais, Caen, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Florence, Rome
marc486 is leaving from San Diego, CA with $5000 for 23 days
San Diego, Dublin, Galway, Shannon, Killarney, Cork, Kilkenny, Dublin, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester, Leicester, London, San Diego
AggieTraveler08 is leaving from Texas with $5000 for 71 days
Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Gdańsk, Warsaw
nysean is leaving from nyc with $3000 for 17 days
London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome
ajbyers is traveling for 10 days
Zürich, Berne, Geneva, Lugano
lauren19414 is traveling for 8 days
London, Paris, Prague
meikedrent is leaving from Netherlands with $2000 for 24 days
Bordeaux, Barcelona
emka08 is traveling for 61 days
London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Corfu, Budapest, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, London
oppm4life is leaving from vancouver and traveling for 64 days
Nicosia, Athens, Rome, Valletta, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Casablanca, Tunis, Cairo, Istanbul
Amanda is leaving from Detroit, Michigan with $3000 for 62 days
burgess hill, Frankfurt, Berne, Venice, Rome, Naples, Palermo
Thais is leaving from Sao Paulo with $5000 for 50 days
Porto, Lisbon, Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Porto
kamrank is traveling
Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Ibiza Town, Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt
sdsherman is leaving from Dallas with $3000 for 23 days
Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Szczecin, Leipzig, Prague, Vienna
Meggerz is traveling for 15 days
London, Brighton, Paris, Amsterdam
emma_j is leaving from Sydney with $6000 for 85 days
London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Lucerne, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Florence, Lisbon, Warsaw, Marseilles, Copenhagen
emka08 is traveling for 58 days
louloute is leaving from barcelona, spain with $1500 for 29 days
gem7 is leaving from toronto with $3000 for 78 days
London, Paris, Lisbon, Málaga, Amalfi, Corfu, Budapest, Berlin
noelbenn is leaving from Frankfurt with $6000 for 96 days