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farisjuice is leaving from los angeles with $2000 for 60 days
Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Cairo
LP is traveling for 18 days
Paris, Munich, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Capri, Athens
edixon is leaving from london and traveling for 10 days
Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome
stefanlev12391 is leaving from JFK/Logan with $1450 for 32 days
Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Dubrovnik, Bari, Salerno, Rome, Florence, Nice, Cannes, Montpellier, Barcelona, Ibiza Town, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Madrid, Lisbon
bebita726 is leaving from New York with $3000 for 23 days
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Milan, Monterosso al Mare, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Venice, Paris
blues_vaibhav is leaving from Singapore with $2000 for 20 days
fritzjay is leaving from Atlanta with $2000 for 17 days
fritzjay is leaving from Atlanta with $2500 for 16 days
mwhite is leaving from Nashville, TN with $1200 for 9 days
snailgun is leaving from Glasgow with $1500 for 24 days
kantboy2 is leaving from Madrid with $2500 for 21 days
casucch is traveling for 22 days
jr_2406 is leaving from Melbourne with $3000 for 35 days
London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona is leaving from SAN DIEGO with $3500 for 10 days is leaving from Boston with $2500 for 11 days
Paris, Cannes
bluecactus is leaving from belfast with $3000 for 32 days
nugettes88 is leaving from Miami with $1700 for 11 days
Weezys_euro9 is leaving from USA with $10000 for 92 days
Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Oslo
joetd594 is leaving from England and traveling for 16 days
London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, London
bhensle5 has budgeted $15000 for 180 days
Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck, Berne, Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid, Lisbon, Valencia, Barcelona, Marseilles, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Athens, Thíra, Istanbul