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Team_Fiatfiesta is traveling
Paris, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Kraków
babs is leaving from london with $4000 for 32 days
thebrownchef is leaving from Brisbane with $3000 for 31 days
rianohrian is traveling for 121 days
staceyp is leaving from Sydney, Australia with $9450 for 30 days
RebeccaNZ is traveling for 97 days
Amsterdam, London, Nice, Barcelona, Valencia, Marrakech, Rhodes, Cairo
schaafstra is leaving from Houston and traveling for 12 days
Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Barcelona
carlosfvc is leaving from São Paulo with $4000 for 29 days
London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels
mattinlyon09 is leaving from Lyon with $200 for 4 days
mirilinda is traveling for 14 days
Barcelona, Bordeaux, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Venice, Pisa, Rome
preside2k is leaving from new york, new york with $8000 for 39 days
London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, Ibiza Town, Madrid, Paris, London
sus is leaving from Finland and traveling for 13 days
elastellitsa is leaving from athens with $3000 for 15 days
London, Valencia, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Athens
Ironman is leaving from Toronto with $3000 for 18 days
Gadziuks is traveling for 18 days
London, Munich, Prague
mshirl has budgeted $2000 for 17 days
Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava, Kraków, Budapest, Madrid, Bilbao, Oviedo, Seville
arnie2900 is leaving from Minneapolis, MN with $2000 for 22 days
Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Zürich, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Athens, Mýkonos, Rome, Zürich, Amsterdam
irir777 is leaving from Ft. Lauderdale with $5 for 24 days
Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zürich, Rome, Naples, Fort Lauderdale
cannons_call is leaving from Tampa, Florida with $5000 for 35 days
mookielyz is leaving from Los Angeles, CA with $2000 for 11 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague