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rgourlay87 is traveling for 47 days
Dublin, Liverpool, London, Amsterdam
mdepao01 is leaving from Rome with $3000 for 30 days
Rome, Athens, Antibes, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Dublin
JAS Washington DC is traveling
Dublin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Athens
kns52b is leaving from st. louis mo with $5000 for 43 days
Dublin, Munich, Thíra, Berlin, Budapest, Venice
johnjoesim is leaving from Cork, Ireland with $1000 for 15 days
hmhow2 is leaving from barcelona with $2500 for 15 days
Athens, Mýkonos, Íos
ChrisMaing is leaving from Toronto, Canada with $4500 for 43 days
pookie11 is leaving from Halifax, NS with $2488 for 14 days
London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw
nicholementzer is traveling for 17 days
London, Paris, Zürich, Munich, Amsterdam
eskimoflo13 is leaving from orlando with $2000
London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Dublin
butcha85 is leaving from london with $1400 for 32 days
esp1973 is leaving from new york city with $2000 for 10 days
Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam
ellebar is leaving from Toronto with $6500 for 46 days
London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Düsseldorf, Strasbourg, Munich, Lucerne, Gimmelwald, Geneva, Nice, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Lagos, Lisbon, Porto, Toulouse, Paris, London
IainLFC is leaving from Liverpool with $2200 for 32 days
Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Kraków, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Munich, Zürich, Milan, Rome
evoumour is leaving from grenoble with $15000 for 33 days
nikki is traveling for 22 days
Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Venice, Rome
marknj18 is leaving from London with $1200 for 32 days
Paris, Amsterdam
ad99nic is leaving from san francisco
Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Nice, Paris, Rome, Venice, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Athens, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Split, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stockholm, Brussels, London, Vienna, Dublin, Copenhagen, Zürich
brookelicc is leaving from New Orleans, LA with $7000 for 30 days
maria_pilavakis is leaving from Toronto, Canada (YYZ) with $2000 for 15 days