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The Mongol Rally

17:10 minutes (15.73 MB)

Today Matt speaks with Amy Clevenger and Sean Lenihan about what has been described as the greatest adventure in the world. The Mongol Rally is a non-competitive car race that begins in London, England and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.


11:33 minutes (10.58 MB)

Matt talks with Mike Kaiser about the ins and outs of the largest beer celebration in the world: Oktoberfest.


16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)

In episode 4 of the Eurotrip Podcast, Matt talks with Crystal Murphy of about the increasing popularity of this alternative style of accommodation.

Working in Britain

15:35 minutes (14.27 MB)

Matt speaks with the BUNAC Work in Britain team about how American college students are able to get working visas to the UK through this non-profit organization.

Photography Tips

15:46 minutes (14.44 MB)

Matt interviews a freelance photographer who shares his tips on choosing the right camera and taking the perfect photo while backpacking Europe.

A Map for Saturday

14:59 minutes (13.73 MB)

Filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga discusses his award-winning film A Map for Saturday which chronicles a year long backpacking trip around the world.

Will's Eurotrip: Part 2

28:10 minutes (25.8 MB)

Will discusses his travels through Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

The Nomad Backpackers

14:37 minutes (13.39 MB)

Matt speaks with Natalie and Justin of who are on an open ended backpacking trip around the world.