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The Mongol Rally

17:10 minutes (15.73 MB)

Today Matt speaks with Amy Clevenger and Sean Lenihan about what has been described as the greatest adventure in the world. The Mongol Rally is a non-competitive car race that begins in London, England and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.


11:33 minutes (10.58 MB)

Matt talks with Mike Kaiser about the ins and outs of the largest beer celebration in the world: Oktoberfest.


16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)

In episode 4 of the Eurotrip Podcast, Matt talks with Crystal Murphy of about the increasing popularity of this alternative style of accommodation.

Working in Britain

15:35 minutes (14.27 MB)

Matt speaks with the BUNAC Work in Britain team about how American college students are able to get working visas to the UK through this non-profit organization.

Photography Tips

15:46 minutes (14.44 MB)

Matt interviews a freelance photographer who shares his tips on choosing the right camera and taking the perfect photo while backpacking Europe.

A Map for Saturday

14:59 minutes (13.73 MB)

Filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga discusses his award-winning film A Map for Saturday which chronicles a year long backpacking trip around the world.

Freighter Travel

15:39 minutes (14.33 MB)

Ever want to hitch a ride to Europe on a cargo freighter? Well, you can. Matt talks with an expert about the ins and outs of this unique form of transportation, and how you can set sail on the open seas.

Will's Eurotrip: Part 1

11:51 minutes (10.86 MB)

Eurotrip developer Will Stevens gets ready for his first backpacking trip through Europe. In part one of this series, Will talks with Matt about planning, packing, and his expectations.

Will's Eurotrip: Part 2

28:10 minutes (25.8 MB)

Will discusses his travels through Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

The Nomad Backpackers

14:37 minutes (13.39 MB)

Matt speaks with Natalie and Justin of who are on an open ended backpacking trip around the world.