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Itinerary help- Ireland, England, Scotland

I’m planning a trip this upcoming summer (2012). It’s going to be my and my friend; we’re both 20 year old girls from New York and will be traveling from May 30- June 21 in Ireland, England, and Scotland. I have a basic itinerary planned but will be the first to admit i have NO idea what i’m doing.

Best cities for two 18 year old girls? 5000$(CAN) & 30 days (Inc nightlife, safety ect)

Hey! Me and one or two of my friends are planning a Euro trip to take place probably next May (2012). We want to go to the places with with best nightlife, beautiful beaches, inexpensive (for the most part), and safe. We will have about 5000$ (CAN) each and want to go for about a month.
We will for sure be going to Amsterdam (starting there) and Barcelona. Possibly going to Berlin, Cinqueterre, Florence, Ios, Croatia. Thoughts? Best cities/ places to stay away from? Must see cities for two 18 year olds looking for adventure?
Also would you recommend staying in hostels?

Anyone want to join a grou of us cycling across Kyrgyzstan?

We’ve planned an epic adventure across Kyrgyzstan. There’s a group of us planning to use a local guide and a support vehicle. Anyone is welcome if you’re up for the challenge. If you’re interested, leave me a message (and see the full detailed itinerary) at: http://globetrooper….

The more the merrier!

1 month euro trip

Hey, newcomer here. Basically me and my brother have been bought a month Euro rail pass each. We are 19 and 21 and can’t wait to see what Europe has to offer. We a pretty keen to make it an activity/adventure based trip if we can and were looking for any ideas on which countries would be best for this kind of thing i.e. kayaking, climbing, mountain biking etc.

Also if anyone had any tips for first time travellers would be much appreciated, such as kit that would be benificial for a pretty active trip.

thanks alot

Lifetime adventure around europe.

I am interested to have a long-to-very-long trip (adventure) around Europe, camping, walking and get around to 22 to 26 countries around Europe and eventually northern Africa. All this in an undefined period of time.
Since my 1 year experience of live and study across Scandinavia i could say that with 150-200 euros/month you can eat and drink almost everything. But with traveling i think is something else. What should i expect?