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Fall trip

When is the best time to purchase a ticket to Madrid. We planning to leave early in September.

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Book ahead or wait until I'm there? EasyJet/RyanAir

I will be taking 3 flights in Europe and I’m wondering if I should book my flights now or wait and hope that the prices don’t increase and book when I’m there.
I understand by not booking now that it allows for more flexibility, but I also do not want the prices to increase and end up having to pay an arm and a leg.
If anyone has any info on the airports listed below, I welcome all information.

VCE —> FCO $22 EasyJet
CIA —> GRO $30 RyanAir *Not looking forward to using these airports.
BCN —> CDG $46 EasyJet


Is this a good/cheap price?


Sept 21
Houston (IAH) to Munich (MUC)

Oct 13
Amsterdam (AMS) to Houston (IAH)

Is this a good price to where I should buy now, or do I have time to wait a little to see if the price drops? The lowest price I saw for this itinerary was $793.

Experiences with

I was looking to purchase tickets through this site and have read mixed reviews. Just curious to know if anyone has used before.

Anyone used Lessno to book a flight recently?

I am a cfares member and got a great deal for our trip to Italy last year. I let the membership lapse but now we’re looking for a flight to Paris from SFO for November. cfares has a 90 day platinum upgrade for $1 so I went for it. With their rebate but booking through Lessno, the RT price is $685 all in. To me, that’s pretty darn good for West Coast to Paris.