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College Guys - Please Help with Itinerary Options!

My brother and I are finishing college and going straight to Europe for a month. We have most of the trip planned out, but aren’t sure how to spend the last week of it.

Our trip for the first 3 weeks: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels

After Brussels, we’re trying to decide whether to go north to UK (London, maybe Edinburgh) or south (Paris, maybe Nice). We will end up in Barcelona and are flying from there.

Backpackig survey for my graduation thesis

[I hope I’m not posting in the wrong place]

Hello everybody!
My name is Daniela and I’m Italian.
I’m about to finish university and I need to ask you something about backpacking, in order to work on my graduation thesis.
I prepared a little questionnaire, here it is:….
Obviously, I would be glad if you could send it also to other backpacker friends of yours Wink

Thanks a lot!

15 Nights in Europe

I am in the process of planning a trip to Europe. I will arrive in Rome on May 27th at 10am and my return flight leaves on June 11th from Rome. I have a rough idea of where I want to go.
Night 1: Stay in Rome
Night 2-4: Cinque Terre
Night 5-6: Southern coast of France
Night 7-8: Possibly Lyon or somewhere nearby
Night 9: Switzerland
Night 10-11: Munich
Night 12-13: Austria
Night 14: Bologna, Venice or Tuscany
Night 15: Back to Rome

Is this too much? I will travel by train, will I have enough time to get from place to place? .

Suggestions for my eurotrip itinerary

Hello guys, How are you today?

I am planning to go to Europe this summer for one month (4 weeks) I have the following itinerary but I need suggestions by you of the amount of days per city and adding/removing places. Maybe a little town around could be a good option also. what do you think of my plan? I am really excited because it would be my first travel to Europe. By the way, I will bring with me 3.000 US$ (I need to pay the train pass with it) plus airplane ticket.

Flight from New Jersey (or close by) to Berlin

Hey everyone,
I know there have been topics posted on how to find cheap flights, but I find myself unable to find flights in the price range I am hoping for. I am planning on backpacking from July 26 to August 26th . I would like to fly from either Newark, New York, or Philadelphia, and land in Berlin (preferably Tegel) and return via the same locations. So far the cheapest flight I have found has been for $1,010, including taxes and fees. Has anyone heard of a flight cheaper than this? If so, it would be a great help to me!

Adventures train, hike and bike holliday

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Going back to Europe

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve been on these forums planning a long trip to Europe. Three years ago I went on my first two-month-long backpacking trip to the Old World. Since then I’ve traveled most of Latin America and a considerable portion of the continental United States.

I’m off for a while before I go back to my studies, and decided to return to Europe (against Oceana/Southeast Asia), going back to places I’d like to see again and some that I’ve never been to before.

Best Greek islands??


I’m flying into Athens and I hope to spend about a week in Greece. What are the best Greek islands? Which are the safest, most fun, etc.?


Italy in 2 weeks

I’m doing a 2 week backpack trip through Italy and was wondering if people can give me some comments/tips on the transport I had in mind for the travelling from city to city.

1) Rome to Venice – train
2) Venice to verona – bus
3) Verona to Florence – bus
4) Florence to Siena – bus
5) Siena to Naples – train
6) Naples to Sorrento – bus
7) Sorrento to Pompei – bus
8) Sorrento to Capri – bus & boat

Feel to leave some comments!

What Type of Backpack should i get?

So i am wanting to backpack Europe for about 5-6 months after i graduate from college, and before i start my career. I am wandering what type of backpack i should use. My dad backpacked France for 6 weeks using a framed backpack and they look like a good deal, with lots of storage. Any suggestions would be grateful! Also what are to the brand types for backpacks?