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Photographers Wanted in Europe

Party Earth Photographer – Europe

Party Earth is looking for in-the-know photographers to photograph clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues.

Writers wanted in Europe

Position: Research Writer

Location: Europe

Description: Party Earth is looking for in-the-know writers to research clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues in 13 European cities.

Cool places in Bacrelona?

Hey a few friends and I are going to Barcelona soon and we already have a little idea of how stuff is done but could anyone who is rather familiar with the city give us a few tips on where to go out (both eating and having a good night out) without completely emptying our wallets. If there are any particular districts we should check out for that stuff that would be very helpful to know.


if anybody is thinking about going to Oktoberfest Do it! It is the best festival I have been to in Europe! Check out Stoke Travel ( They do awesome trips (I went with them last yeat and doing the same this year). Great price, great vibe and 5€ unlimited beer and sangria each day!!!

Europarty trip help

So I’m a Venezuelan guy who lives in Miami and is already planning his 2013 summer Eurotrip. Since electronic dance music is more like a religion to me than just music, that will be the main focus of my trip. I plan to start by attending sensation in Amsterdam and finish in tomorrowland, which takes place in Belgium. I know for a fact that sensation is on the first Saturday of July which would be on the 6. this year’s tomorrowland is taking place on final weekend of July so i can infer that the one next year will be on similar dates.

Confusion on Eurorail passes

So I am a bit confused over the eurorail passes and tickets in general, I’ve been looking around and maybe I have been over thinking things but I’m still lost. If I am going from Paris to Barcelona, then a little later Barcelona to Madrid would it be cheaper to buy tickets individually or as a pass? Also the root of my confusion lies in does a pass entail all the costs for each leg of the journey or will there be extra expenses?

-Lost in translation, any help is much appreciated.

2 Nights in Barcelona

We have a group of 15 people spending a Friday and Saturday night in Barcelona. We want to be able to walk to as much as possible, especially good nightlife. This is the only place on our trip on the coast so a place where we could at least see the ocean would be great but not necessary.

So my question is what would be the best area of in Barcelona to stay? I’ve been looking around Passeig de Gracia but I’m open to anything. Thanks for the input!

Good eurotrip route?

A couple of friends and I want to go on the cliché trip to Europe after graduate high school next summer. We’ll be a group of 4 girls, all 18 (one 17 until halfway through the trip, but I don’t think that should be too much of an issue) and we want to visit 8 cities (Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, and London) for 1 month and 1 week. We realize that’s not the largest amount of time, but we’re working with what we have. We’ve all visited Europe before with our families, study abroad programs, teen summer tours, or all of the above.