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Spains Beaches

So Im planning a solo trip to Spain this summer and was hoping to hit some beaches. Ive heard Spain has a lot of them. I was curious what the best beaches to visit as a solo backpacker would be.

Ive heard Ibiza is great, but really only good for groups of people. San Sebastian is supposedly nice but doesnt have to much going on, and the Andalucia Region in Southern Spain is supposedly pretty nice.

Im looking to swim, surf and do water sports during the day, and would like to go out and meet new people and have a good time at night.

Any help you guys got would go a long way.

Beaches in Croatia!

Hey, I was just wondering what would be the best place to stay in Croatia? I want to have lots of beach time and not be too far away from a decent nightlife.
Any suggestions on the perfect Croatian city?!
Thanks in advance Wink

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Looking for best Greek beaches

I am planning on going to Greece for two weeks in June and am not sure which Greek beaches to visit. I know the beaches are not going to be like the beaches in the Carribbean but which beaches in Greece come close? I like beaches that have clearer, blue waters and are sandy and warm enought to swim in. Any ideas??

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