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belgian beer monasteries

Hi – I am a big fan of Belgian beer and have wanted to see the place where they’ve been created for a long long time. I will be in Brussels with 2 friends on Sep 17 and wanted to visit 1 monastery. Can someone help me with finding one?
I’d ideally like it to be close to a train station and don’t mind taking a cab from the station over driving the full distance.

Oktoberfest hikes beer prices

Oktoberfest hikes beer prices for 200th anniversary

Germany’s world-famous beer festival Oktoberfest said Wednesday that it has upped the price for its huge mugs of amber nectar to almost €9 for this year’s 200th anniversary event.

A Maß of beer, a litre, will cost between €8.30 and €8.90 at the tents of the southern German city of Munich from September 18 to October 4, an increase of €0.30 from last year.

Food vouchers, required for a reservation in many beer tents, will cost between €26.80 and €80.

The beer festival attracted 5.7 million visitors from around the worl

Amsterdam, Beginning of June, on a Monday

I’m arriving in Amsterdam at the beginning of the week and I was wondering if there were any good bars that played music or had live bands on a Sunday and Monday night? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Germany - Best city and sites

I am planning a trip to Amsterdam, Germany, Belgium and Paris for Summer 2010 and coudl really use some suggestions as far as must see sites and things to do. Our itinerary is pretty much wide open and other than hostels and the general locations we dont have any specific plans.

Whats the best city in Germany to visit if were planning on coming from Amsterdam, staying for 2 days, and then heading to Paris? We hope to also visit a concentration camp along the way – Has anyone visited one? Or have any suggestions?

Three Sheets - great tv show

I’m constantly being told that I have the best job in the world.

For the past few years, I’ve hosted a television show called “Three Sheets” in which I journey around the world to engage in foreign drinking customs, and befriend the people who partake in them. My “job” has taken me to over 50 countries, where I have visited countless watering holes, drank innumerable libations, and had my share of debilitating hangovers.

I’ve drunk the finest Champagnes and Cognac in their respective regions in France.

Indie/Rock Bars - Anywhere!?

Just wondering if anyone knows any places that play cool music..?

You can see from our itinerary where we’re heading
(List them anyway again like a fool lol – Amsterdam, Brussells, Bruges, Paris, Milan, Marseilles, Barcelona)
so obviously those cities are where we wanna know about, lol, if anybody does know?

Though anywhere else incase we change our plans? Thanks x

Oktoberfest, Munich

Stopping in Munich for good ol Oktoberfest in Sept. Any tips or advice for stopping there and having a good time.
Do you recommend making tent reservations or can you get seated by just showing up?
How much money do you think you spent each day?
What is it like getting around?(taxi’s, bus’s)
Any other thoughts, comments or help. Here is our trip( Madrid, Bacelona, Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Berlin)

Belgium Beer Tour
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