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Photographers Wanted in Europe

Party Earth Photographer – Europe

Party Earth is looking for in-the-know photographers to photograph clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues.

Writers wanted in Europe

Position: Research Writer

Location: Europe

Description: Party Earth is looking for in-the-know writers to research clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues in 13 European cities.

Cool Places in Berlin?

Hey a few friends and I are going to Berlin soon and we already have a little idea of how stuff is done but could anyone who is rather familiar with the city give us a few tips on where to go out (both eating and having a good night out) without completely emptying our wallets. If there are any particular districts we should check out for that stuff that would be very helpful to know.

Solo Lady Traveler looking for affordable hostels in Berlin


I am looking for affordable hostels for a 8 day stay in Berlin. I tried going through the hostel booking websites and found some cheap ones but picking one seems difficult. Could you people give me your opinion on:
1) For a girl travelling alone, is it better to look for female only dorms?
2) Does living in larger dorms ( 10-15 beds) pose a safety threat? Or is it too noisy?
3) I am not much of a Party freak so would prefer a quite homely hostel. Could you suggest some hostels near the Charlottenberg district?

Looking forward to some good advice from your end. thanks!

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague

I have finally decided upon visiting London (2 full days and 4 nights, as I’ll be attending the London hair show for 2 of the days), Amsterdam for 3 days, Berlin for 4 or 5 days, and Prague for 4 or 5 days. I’m flying and have my plane tickets to London, to Amsterdam, and to Berlin… and then I believe I’ll be taking a train from Berlin to Prague which will consume a large chunk of a day. If anyone has any suggestions on cool bars, castles, museums, etc- in any or all of these places, your input would be greatly appreciated! It’s my first time in Europe! Smile

amsterdam, brussels, berlin, stuttgart, prague

My boyfriend and I are from Boston and planning a 12 day trek through mainland Europe after a 5 stay in London. We are on a tight-ish budget, of course, and are most interested in seeing Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin (possibly Stuttgart as well), and Prague. It seems like the most efficient way to do this would be to fly to Prague, from London, and then take some sort of transportation from Prague to Berlin where we will start usage of the Benelux-Germany rail pass?

Trip Planning -- Clueless.

Hi there!

I’ve been accepted to study at a university not far from London next winter (January to May 2012) and I’m hoping to travel around europe a bit once the semester is over. The plan is for my girlfriend to join me in London at the end of my semester and then we’d start our trip from there. I really don’t know ANYTHING about traveling around europe or how much it’d cost but I know we want to visit paris, amsterdam, berlin, and stockholm and spend about 3-4 weeks total. Additionally, we are definitely looking to travel as cheaply as possible.

Discover Germany On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “Septemberfest” presents all of Germany’s best known places: Frankfurt’s old town, a Rhine River cruise, Cologne’s Cathedral, the Hamburg red-light district, Berlin (The Wall, and other changes since 1990), lovely Dresden, Nuremberg, the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, Munich (glockenspiel, beer hall, and palaces), plus King Ludwig II’s most famous castle.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.


Hi everyone,

I need to find the cheapest fare for my BERLIN-PRAGUE trip on 11.9.2010 (saturday).

Im gonna stay in Berlin for 3 days (8.-11.9.) and then get back to Prague. Regular fares on this route seem to be incredibly expensive so I wonder what are the options/alternatives. I dont wanna hitchhike, but rather travel by train or bus and spend 30-35E, tops.

Thx for any information on this topic!