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CENTRAL EUROPE... Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

What is the best way to go between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest… and for the cheapest price!?

Thank you!

Madrid to Pamplona-- Why so difficult?

Trying to purchase a bus ticket from Madrid to Pamplona for san fermin, because the renfe train is expensive.

I tried http://www.movelia.e… I get all the way to the Payment option and the payment never goes through.. the same happened on renfe site. My bank says it’s the websites fault.. I’m just really having trouble with simple things like booking a bus ticket being so difficult. Is there a site that actually works?

SIDE NOTE: for those looking to book on from the states, the english version of the site it <—- hope that helps.

Holyhead to Caernarfon to Cardiff

Hello everybody!

Old Lady usually has the best answers to my transit issues, however anyone with an answer i’d greatly be appreciative.

Im taking a Dublin ferry to Holyhead, Wales. I have the train schedule to get to Cardiff. however I would like to stop in Caernarfon, to see the castle however I cant find any bus routes from the ferry port to Caernarfon, and think that the mileage is nearly 30 miles which is too far for a cab.

Does anyone have suggestions? Ive tried National Express Buses, with no luck and renting a car is not an option.

Thanks again!


Has anyone had experience in using Eurolines for their intercity/inter-country transportation?

I was looking at cheaper methods of transportation to get from country to country, seeing as the Eurail pass is a little pricey for me, and it seems like there are too many rules and regulations so I would wind up getting fined a ridiculous amount anyways.
Eurolines caters to 43 different cities, I believe, and also provides 30-day bus passes, which seems perfect because I’ll only be traveling for 30 days.
However, what worries me is that their website isn’t very clear

Madrid to Palma del Condado?


I need to go to Palma del Condado from Madrid on Tuesday. I can’t drive so I can only use public transport.
What is the best method to reach Palma del Condado from Madrid? Bus, Train?

Leaving for Madrid in few hours, would really need some help lol!



Hi everyone,

I need to find the cheapest fare for my BERLIN-PRAGUE trip on 11.9.2010 (saturday).

Im gonna stay in Berlin for 3 days (8.-11.9.) and then get back to Prague. Regular fares on this route seem to be incredibly expensive so I wonder what are the options/alternatives. I dont wanna hitchhike, but rather travel by train or bus and spend 30-35E, tops.

Thx for any information on this topic!


Florence - Venice - Florence

I want to travel from florence to venice for 1 day. just make a day trip starting early in the morning and then come back to florence late at night. anyone know the best way to do this? i dont want to waste one of my eurail days on this since ill need it more for when i travel from country 2 country.
I dont necessarily need to take a train. I heard the buses are pretty good too and since its not a long ride and supposed to be cheaper, i figure we could just do that. anyone know a good site to purchase those tickets? do i really need reservations for it?

Bus travel in Central and Eastern Europe

Does anyone know about bus travel in central/eastern europe? I will be traveling between budapest, vienna, krakow, prague, salzburg, and munich. I have explored trains but they seem to be inconvenient for the route I would ideally like to take. I have heard that the buses in the region are good, but I don’t have any solid info. Can anyone confirm about bus travel between these cities, recommend a good website, bus line, anything?

Italy in 2 weeks

I’m doing a 2 week backpack trip through Italy and was wondering if people can give me some comments/tips on the transport I had in mind for the travelling from city to city.

1) Rome to Venice – train
2) Venice to verona – bus
3) Verona to Florence – bus
4) Florence to Siena – bus
5) Siena to Naples – train
6) Naples to Sorrento – bus
7) Sorrento to Pompei – bus
8) Sorrento to Capri – bus & boat

Feel to leave some comments!