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camping grounds in Italy

I was looking at Hostels for my Italy trip and came across quite a few camp grounds. Anybody have experience with camp grounds in Italy. I want to get an idea of secure they are.. or do they lockers for luggage storage as well? How’s the sites though.. fairly clean? I was thinking of maybe doing one or two camp grounds if the weather is fairly nice. Please help by giving some comments.

Monaco and Cannes?

Our route follows the coastline from Valencia all the way round until Rome (maybe via detour to Milan). We are hoping to camp a little between Valencia and Barcelona up the coast before hostelling in Barca.

We also want to have a look at Monaco and Cannes..but obviously we are on a budget (a smallish one!!) so dont want to stay there. Can anyone recommend a good hostel in a near by town or maybe a campsite nearby that has transport links to these places?

I’m thinking to hostel a couple of nights in Nice and make day trips to these places…any better ideas or info would be great! thanks

Camping in Switzerland

So I am an 18 year old from British Colombia, Canada and I am in the final planning stages of my first solo Eurotrip holds for applause! I had some questions for all you grizzled veterans of stepping off the beaten trail. A fantasy of mine has been to just hike off away from the population with some camping gear and rough it away from civilization. I have had years of camping experiance in BC and have good gear that I will bringing with me anyway and with the little info I have, I hear Interlaken, Switzerland is the place to be.