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A new version of RailSaver just launched:


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Transport on Honey Moon

Ok So here is what i got so far!

Fly to (from cairo)
Rome 4 days
drive to
Como 2 days
drive to
Monaco 2 days
train to
Barcelona 2 days
ferry to
Ibiza 2 days
train (from barcelona) to
Paris 3 days
drive to
Amsterdam 2 days
Fly back home (cairo)

Now all of this is in september, please advise if it is do-able and whether i should just get a 5 country pass or rent a car or get flights.

Which is better? The Eurail Global or Rail Europe Global pass?

I’ve been looking at both the Eurail and Rail Europe Global passes for 1 month and they both offer the same countries I’ll be going to and are both about $790-800, which one is better? Do they each deal with different train companies or offer different deals or what? I don’t know the difference!Thanks very much!

Eurail pass??

Hi, on april 29th I’m leaving Canada for a 47 days europe trip with 2 friends. destination : london-dublin-berlin-amsterdams-paris-barcolona-carcasonne-nice-canne-geneva-venice-roma. From lon-dub and dub-berl

I plan to cheap plane ticket like raynair but for the rest of the trip, I have 2 choose : Buy City-to-City tickets or a Eurail pass! the thing is that we dont want to plan exactly how long will we stay in each city (some city maybe more interesting that I expected and vice versa).

Rail Pass bought
Travelogue Entry in New York, NY, United States

Nice to Milan, HELP!!!

Hi everyone,

With the help from (and having purchased the Eurail Global Pass), my trip itinerary is almost set… with the exception of transportation from NICE-MILAN on July 13th. The only options it gives me are a 15 hour ride with 4/5 transfers. In almost every book and website I searched, it says there’s a 5-hour direct ride available but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can anyone suggest a possible way to get from Nice to Milan on the 13th of July?
(Morning or night, doesn’t matter)

Please advise on Eurotrip budget

I hope in the future they make a forum for budgeting and monetary purposes, but until then, I this works just fine. I plan on going with two of my buddies to Europe in May 2012 for 37 days, and I’m curious to exactly how much we each need to save up. My budget so far is:

$1400- Flight to Dublin and from Madrid
$800- Eurail Pass
$150- Backpack
$740- Food ($20 p/day x 37)
$800- Hostels ($25 p/night avg. x 33)—-Staying with friends for few days
$700- Spending Money

Total- $4,590

Please let me know if this budget is too high or low so I can begin saving accordingly.

eurail vs. point to point

This summer will be my first trip in Europe. We already have our flight booked and an itinerary. We will be in London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Munich, then back to London. We are only trying to see the cities, not the entire country. I’ve heard rail travel in Europe is the cheapest option, but the Eurail pass seems absolutely ridiculous. For two of us a Eurail pass for nine days in three countries would be $978, plus the cost of getting to and from London since the UK is not included in the Eurail pass.

Train seat reservations

My girlfriend and I have just finished booking pretty much everything for our upcoming eurotrip this august !!!! We have booked our hotels and hostels and 2 inter-europe flights for longer trips. We have also bought an Eurail pass for the other trips. We bought the 3 country 6 days pass (even if we will be having 7 train trips, one will be very cheap).

My question is : should we reserve seats for train trips that only go daily (like the Barcelona to Nice or the Nice to Genova). Should we reserve them today or wait to reserve them when we arrive in the cities from which we leave ?

3 Months Around Europe (But How?)

Hi there,

I am planning to travel around Europe for 3 months from 6th July 2010. I am looking to spend around 3-4 nights in each town, so that means I can cover about 20-25 cities.