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Help with transportation in Europe

Hello guys,
So I’m gonna spend a month in Vienna in September and I can only travel on weekends and I have two weeks in October to travel around as well.
I am trying to choose the countries/cities I will go to and the best way to get there.
Here’s the list of countries/cities I want to go to (Feel free to suggest crossing out or adding any countries) and please tell me the best way to get to each country from Vienna.
My transportation budget is around 250-300 Euros maximum
1) Amsterdam
2) Croatia
3) Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux
4) Munich, Hamburg
5) Zurich
6) Milan
7) Barcelona

The best way to travel?

Looking for some transportation advice for our EuroTrip.. this is our plan so far. Leaving July 2nd..
Returning July 26th

:::::We found that a multi-city ticket works best, same price as round trip to London minus the extra trip back to the same city.

USA —-> Flight —-> * Barcelona* stay for 2days
Barcelona —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Ibiza 2days
Ibiza —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Rome 2days

:::::Then the rest of the way with a Eurail (4 country) train pass.

Great Spring 2012 Flight Deals: Swiss Airlines

If you are planning to fly to europe in Spring 2012 (Jan-April), I recently stumbled upon a great airfare deal through Swiss Airlines via (you cannot get this deal at Swiss, you must use I was able to purchase a round-trip flight from the Western United States to Zurich, Switzerland in March for $572 r/t, with only one layover each way. This is a VERY good deal!


I am looking for cheap flights to anywhere in continental Europe, preferably Germany, the Netherlands, France or the UK.

Departing from Phoenix, AZ. Looking to travel anytime between May-August. For a 2-3 week trip. Can anyone help me out? I’ve never traveled to Europe in it’s peak season, only in the winter, so I am having difficulty finding anything decent when it comes to airfare.


What kind of clothes for men to wear at European clubs?

I see on a lot of the forums that their are certain clubs with dress codes. I plan on going to a lot of clubs while I’m in Europe, and I want to look good while I’m there. I don’t wanna pack too much though, so what is the best club attire that won’t take up too much space in my bag?

HELP!! Dont know ehere to start

Hey guys,

I am going back to graduate school this fall and NEED to take a trip to europe before I go back. I have $5000 for the trip and can spend anywhere from 30-40 days. I have never back packed, stayed at a hostel or anything as adventurous as this so I need help planning. I want to visit, London, Germany, France, Spain and Amsterdam for sure. I would like to add other countries if time and budget permits. any suggestions? I would be coming from Los Angeles, CA. If you have a good itinerary I can follow that would be great too! Thanks in advance

2-3 month Eurotip need some advice!


I was planning on going to Europe next (April), May and June with my girlfriend (2012). June is a must because I am meeting with my family to attend a Wedding and then exploring a little of Italy with them. I haven’t done TOO much looking into it yet but I have read the favorite places forum.. several times. My must see locations: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Greece and of course some of the smaller cities/towns around them but those are the biggies, starting in London and making our way south to Greece. My first concern is the cost…

are there many small jobs in europe?

basically myself and a friend both 18 want to go to Europe with limited money and were wondering if there are many jobs that pay enough for food and hostels and if anything could be recommended it would be greatly appreciated.

Book ahead or wait until I'm there? EasyJet/RyanAir

I will be taking 3 flights in Europe and I’m wondering if I should book my flights now or wait and hope that the prices don’t increase and book when I’m there.
I understand by not booking now that it allows for more flexibility, but I also do not want the prices to increase and end up having to pay an arm and a leg.
If anyone has any info on the airports listed below, I welcome all information.

VCE —> FCO $22 EasyJet
CIA —> GRO $30 RyanAir *Not looking forward to using these airports.
BCN —> CDG $46 EasyJet


Your support in a photo contest please

I’ve been a lurker here for a while and greatly enjoy the forum.

Please help me win the popular vote for at least one of the photos I just entered into the European Vacation photo contest.