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Flying AirBerlin

I have connecting flights to/from Europe with Air Berlin this summer. I chose the airline because it was the cheapest and I’ve long booked them, but after looking into airline reviews and baggage limits I found that a lot of people have lost their luggage during their connection.

Does anyone have experience flying with AirBerlin or have advice for what to do in this situation?

The best way to travel?

Looking for some transportation advice for our EuroTrip.. this is our plan so far. Leaving July 2nd..
Returning July 26th

:::::We found that a multi-city ticket works best, same price as round trip to London minus the extra trip back to the same city.

USA —-> Flight —-> * Barcelona* stay for 2days
Barcelona —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Ibiza 2days
Ibiza —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Rome 2days

:::::Then the rest of the way with a Eurail (4 country) train pass.

Cheapest way to get my ass from Sweden to Amsterdam

Any suggestions for the best way to get from Sweden to Amsterdam? Either from Gothenburg or Stockholm.
I’ve been checking ryanair for tickets, but other alternatives would be great.
Night travel options would be perfect! Saves time and money.


Help finding cheap flight to Europe

I hate to be “that guy”, but as a poor college student I’ll take all of the help I can get

I plan on going to Europe next summer from May 27th-July 3rd. I’d like to fly out of the Bay Area, CA (so SJC, SFO, or OAK), and I’d like to fly into London. The departure date isn’t in stone, and anything between May 24th-27th I’d take if the price is right.

However, my return flight will need to be out of Madrid on July 3rd. I didn’t want to plan my trip in a giant circle so I’d rather keep it a multi-city flight.


I am looking for cheap flights to anywhere in continental Europe, preferably Germany, the Netherlands, France or the UK.

Departing from Phoenix, AZ. Looking to travel anytime between May-August. For a 2-3 week trip. Can anyone help me out? I’ve never traveled to Europe in it’s peak season, only in the winter, so I am having difficulty finding anything decent when it comes to airfare.


Please help

I know this is going to be a lot to ask but i’m hoping you guys can help out since i’m really lost with planning this eurotrip. we’re planning on visiting 10 european cities in about 30 days and have the order all worked out. we just need help finding the cheapest/easiest methods of transport between each of the cities. in this order we will be going to:

Any help you can provide with cheap transport between any of these cities will be much appreciated.

Cheapest way to fly

My best friend and I are backpacking. We have a small-ish budget, so any advice would be great. Our trip includes: London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Nice, Rome, Barcelona, and anything else that looks like it will be a good time.

The trip will be around December 29-January 20 and I’m flying from Washington DC (BWI or IAD). If you have any advice on where to fly to first and the cheapest flights around Europe, please help! I’m thinking BWI->LHR would be the least expensive. Once we’re there, Ryan Air all the way Wink

Thanks for your help!


Flights to Israel with stop over in Europe

We are a family of 5, traveling from Portland Oregon to Israel around June 20 until July 17 2010 or so. Looking to stop over for 3 days in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Madrid. I have tried flights to just London with cheap flights to Tel Aviv, but prices to London are horrible. Any advise? should I just take my luck with Priceline to London and back and then purchase on easyjet to Israel? anyone knows other airlines from the other European cities to Israel that I can try?
Thanks much for any advise given, Rina.

Experiences with

I was looking to purchase tickets through this site and have read mixed reviews. Just curious to know if anyone has used before.