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First Eurotrip
Travelogue Entry in Paris, France

short term apartments paris/amsterdam

I was wondering if anyone has knowledge about where I could find short term aparments like a weekly rate for cheap one bedroom reliable accomadations. I will be staying in amsterdam and paris for about 14-16 days each and would love to know where to narrow my search. thank you


i am turning 18 next year and actually planning a euro trip with my cousin.
it will be our first time in europe.. we are so clueless. we need help with our itinerary.

We actually want to visit Italy first, then Spain, Greece, Germany, and France.

Any suggestions?
Like, how long should this trip be? around 1-2 months?
what cities should we visit?
how much money should we bring?


Is this possible on the europass??


My friend and I just bought out plane tickets for a 24 day trip to Europe. We land in Mardid on 7/16 and fly back home on 8/7 from Paris. Our teneitive intinerary is as follows;

Madrid 3 days
Ibiza 2 days
Barcelona 3 days
Marselle, France 2 days
Nice 2 days
Milan 2 days
Munich 3 days
Frankfurt 2 days
Amsterdam 2 days
Paris 3 days

We are planning on getting the 15 day euro pass and would like to get some advise on if this looks like a feseable plan. The train looks like the best option for our travels.

Architecture Study In Paris

what are courses offered in Architecture, for post graduates and undergraduates too in Paris, can any one tell me?

Suggestions for first trip

Hi All

My wife and I are planning our maiden trip to Europe. So far, we think we have the broad itinerary covered. It would be great if you guys can pitch in give some suggestions for

a) places nearby that are maybe better/cheaper/ more worthwile to visit

b) some “off the normal tourist path” things / places

c) we are doing mostly rail travel. Any other suggestions would be most welcome here

d) and finally, some “must-do” things

Well, this is what we have for now:

Reach Frankfurt, take immediate train to Cologne
Stay in Cologne for 4 days.

Musée Rodin
Museum in Paris, France
Hotel du Champs du Mars
Hostel in Paris, France
Jardin du Luxembourg‎
Park in Paris, France

Night trains within France

I’ll be studying abroad in Paris next fall and have been researching various weekend trips through SNCF. For my travels to the South, the option of traveling by night train has been showing up quite a bit. Now, most of these trips are 3-4 hours by TGV during the day, but by night train, they’re 7-9. On the plus side, I’d save the cost of a night at a hotel or hostel, but are these the same as normal night trains? I mean, it takes so much longer than a normal train, do these stop often? Would I even be able to sleep if we’re stopping every hour or so?