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Avingnon, Arles

I’m going to be studying abroad in Paris next fall and was thinking of taking a long weekend (3 days) in Provence. Right now, I’m thinking of making Avingon my base and daytripping to Arles. Any hotel/hostel suggestions? Is two days in Avingon too much? Would it be worth it to spend one day in each Avingon, Arles and Nimes, or is that too much?

Thanks for the advice!

Vienna to Paris (and maybe to UK)

Hi All!

We (2 of us) are trying to figure out the best way to get from Vienna to Paris by train – and we have had no real success. We can’t figure out what the prices are on OBB, or if that is even the best way to go. We want to leave Vienna on July 13th with a ticket to Paris. Any suggestion on the best way to do this? Also – is there any type of pass we could by that would get us from Vienna to Paris, let us travel around France and than get us to the UK? I’m guessing no, but thought I would ask anyways.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


how to travel from paris to antwerp and amsterdam ?

Wanted to understand whats the best way to travel if we want to travel from Paris to Antwerp and from there to Amsterdam ? Should we book rail tickets in advance or buy rail passes or buy tickets when we reach Paris ? Again the French train system is a bit confusing as there are so many options ! Considering that the journey is small ( max 2 hrs 15 min ) we are looking at the cheapest way of travelling …

Also wanted help with travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Should we fly or take a train – again should we book in advance or book when we reach Barcelona ?

To Reserve or not to reserve....


I’m travelling from Barcelona to Avignon (with a few stops in between) and will be taking trains. The whole system is a bit cofusing to me and i’m wondering if it’s better to make the reservations from here in the States or fine to just buy the tickets once i get there? It seems like it’s a bit more expensive to do it from here, but then I am assured a seat. Perhaps I won’t have any problems finding seats if I just buy them at the station. Any suggestions?


What is the best way to get around?

My itinerary is mostly Western Europe.
I have a lot of questions so please bear with me.

Shall I buy a Eurail pass for the whole 2 months?
I was thinking of booking a flight from Barcelona to Nice.
Should I also book a flight from Paris to Barcelona?
When do you think would be most appropriate to ride overnight trains?

Thx in advance guys!

Stay small or go big? Which is the better way to travel?

Hey all!

I’m leaving in about 2 weeks and have not done much to plan. I’ll be meeting up with a few cousins (who are equally unplanned) and then settling in Goult, France for a 2 week family reunion. We will spend most of that time in Provence. I’m trying to figure out where to go and what to do the two weeks before the reunion. My cousin is going to Switz, Italy, Spain, anf France, but I’m looking for a bit less movement. What’s feasible in two weeks? Also, I’m considering flying from Barcelona to Florence to meet up with my cousin. Do-able or too much of a hassle?

Paris to Rome in 15 days

I am traveling from Paris to Rome with tenative stops in Beune, Lyon, Arles, Marsailles, Genoa, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Does this sound like too much for 15 days? Does renting a car give you more freedom? I am a High School art teacher leaving the day after graduation. Want to see alot of art but also let loose alittle. Help.

loire valley from Paris suggestions

Folks , would like to have an idea of how to plan a visit to the Loire Valley from Paris ?
1) How does one get there ?
2)How many days according to you should be sufficient ?
3) What all can be done in Loire valley ? We are keen to see some vineyards and some castles , but would not like to overload this as well !
4) Would like to be budget concious here and hence would welcome any tips

Look forward to your views and advise !

Studying in France June '09

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to be studying in Anncey, France for the month of June ’09. Anyone else?? Also, following that month I plan to travel throughout Western Europe for another month by myself. If anyone is looking for a travel companion please let me know! Would love to meet some new friends and have some great, memorable (or not!) times!




Help Required !
We are planning a 15 day trip to Europe in Early September. The countries and cities in our wish list are Italy ( Venice , Florence ) ; France ( Paris and some nearby areas ) ; Germany ( Hamburg , Munich ) and Spain ( Madrid , Barcelona ) .
Now the problem – we are aware that all these cant be done in 15 days ! What would you recommend our agenda should be ; and also is September the right time to travel ?
Look forward to your comments !Smile