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Age of Travelers

Four friends and I planning a eurotrip for this summer. We are all eighteen years old except one who’s birthday is during the trip. Will our age difference put us out of place or limit our experience? Are there many travelers our age?

La Sorbonne

Can anyone give me advice on Higher Education in France. My French is not the best, but I have always dreamed of attending the Sorbonne. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestions for train through southern France

I need some advice on the following itinerary:
My trip starts on May 22 where I will be spending 3 days in Barcelona, 3 days in Madrid and 2 days in San Sebastian. From there, I will be traveling by rail to Cinque Terre. I have about two days to get there (and then will spend about 2 days there). The two days in between leaving San Sebastian and Cinque Terre are open to Southern France (don’t know where yet). I have read a lot of info on here and other sites, and I have some ideas about where I would like to stop.

Is Flying more convenient?

My friends and I have been planning a month-long trip to Europe for this summer. We are visiting 7 countries: England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Denmark

We originally were thinking of using the Global Eurail Pass for the 5 out of the 7 countries but are now thinking of taking the plane instead. Our main interest is both cutting down on actual travel time and saving the most amount of money.

Help with train travel in Spain, Italy and France

ok, so I will be arriving in Barcelona on May 22. This is my second time going to Europe, but the first time I used a rail pass. I have done some research and have decided that it will be cheaper to do point-to-point tickets for this trip. This is my itinerary:

Barcelona – 3 nights
Madrid- 3 nights
San Sebastian- 2 nights
Southern France (not sure where yet!)- 2 nights
Cinque Terre- 2 nights

I have researched the renfe website, and it looks like the trip from Barcelona to Madrid is 51 euro if I purchase from the website.

1st eurotrip - June 09!

Hello all I am new to this forum and might I say its very helpful!

Im a 21 yr old aussie male and will be travelling to the UK and Europe for 11 weeks from June through August. I have family in London so that will be my base. It’s my first time to Europe and I will be travelling by myself, hoping to meet plenty of other young people along the way.

Summer 09 Itinierary help!!

I traveling with my cousin this Summer [both female, 20/21] and am looking at putting together a basic itinerary. I’m going to on Exchange to England from September so am traveling for a while before then. We are flying into London and spending 3 wks in the UK, then spending a week in Spain with some friends. From there, we have about a month to do Europe, pretty much August. We are looking at doing;

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France as our main countries.

10 cities in 23 days... Is this itinerary fine?

hi all,

I’ve chalked out this itinerary for 23 days in july.

It basically includes:

Barcelona- Paris- Bruges- Amsterdam – Prague – Vienna – Salzburg – Milan – Florence – Rome

Will this be too cramped? What tweaks would make it better? And how much should i be looking at in terms of budget?



First trip to France, Spain, Italy. Help wanted!


I’ve just booked flights for a three week (22 night) to Europe from Australia and I’d love some advice on where to go, stay, transport…etc. My boyfriend and I are after a good mix of culture, beach and possibly a wine tour in France or Italy for good measure!

The rough plan is:

4 days in Paris then explore beach/countryside. Maybe Nice as it will be hot?

3 days in Barcelona. We’d like to see San Sebastian or Madrid, but doubt we’ll have time on this trip.

2 days in Rome. We’d like to see Naples, and also the Amalfi Coast while in Italy.

car vs train and bus

My husband and I are traveling to Paris, southern France, then to Italy in June for about 2 weeks. He would really like to drive; we’ve done the self-drive tour in Ireland. Any suggestions where to rent a car, would it be better to drive in France or Italy? We’re willing to take a train or bus, but I would like to see some of the smaller towns. Any input is appreciated!