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What was your Favorite Hostel

I know it asks for your favorite but if you have more than one favorite, list away…

Hostel Name – City – Country
maybe what you liked about it…

Season Jobs in Europe

Hey lads, me and my girlfriend are planning to backpack around Europe for a year. Already known how expensive it is in Europe so we had thought about working in some hostels to stay for free and save up money since we need to go to Australia afterward.

Do you guys know any hostels or places where we can find a season job or volunteer works for backpackers. Any ideas would be helpful for us.

Backpacker-Cruise in the Mediterranean

… not quite reality ‘yet’ but the topic of my master’s thesis for which I am currently conducting a survey on an imaginary Backpacker-Cruise in the Mediterranean. Smile
And that’s why I need your expert backpacker opinion, everyone!
Please help me out and take this interesting survey which will take about 15 minutes. You’d do me a huge favor and support my research greatly.

Here is the link which will also give you more info in the introduction: https://www.soscisur…

Thanks everyone and have a lovely weekend!

Hostel for Euro2012 in Poznan

Rooms and beds in Poznan 2km away from the stadium from 20 euro/night.

Still available! Check out

Book a private room in hostel?

I heard a few horror stories about staying in dorm style hostels like:

-you have to sleep with your money close to your body because people will try and steal stuff even when your sleeping
-people will break into your locker to steal your stuff
-sometimes the people are weird/old

My friend and I are considering upgrading to private if this is true. We were looking at all F dorms or the private rooms. We are both graduating college students and have lived in dorms so we can adjust easily but we don’t want our stuff stolen!

Itinerary help- Ireland, England, Scotland

I’m planning a trip this upcoming summer (2012). It’s going to be my and my friend; we’re both 20 year old girls from New York and will be traveling from May 30- June 21 in Ireland, England, and Scotland. I have a basic itinerary planned but will be the first to admit i have NO idea what i’m doing.

Cut down on expense but not enjoyment with Dublin Hostels
Travelogue Entry in Dublin, Ireland
Ring Hostel
Hostel in Forio d'Ischia, Italy

How long in each city to stay?

I wanted to plan a one month trip through Europe this summer and was wondering how long I should plan to stay in each city? Some advice would be great!