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Early flight out of BCN - what to do?

I hope this falls under the right topic, but I have a question regarding an early flight (7 AM) out of Barcelona and where I (and my boyfriend) should stay the night before.

Is it worth it to stay at a hotel that is very close to the airport (but pricey) or should I stay at a hostel instead, and take a taxi? My only concern about the hostel is that I’m not sure if I will be able to check out early enough (to get to the airport 2 hrs before my flight). Any advice? Anyone else been in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where to Stay in Loch Ness / Inverness for a day ?

Hello everyone – so our trip is nearing full materialisation Smile ( fingers crossed ) and needed your expert advise on where to stay in the Inverness / Loch Ness area – being completely new to this area , we wanted to stay at a safe place , affordable , clean accommodation preferably somewhere near the loch or a scenic place , but at the same time not too far off from the good things ( read : nightlife ) . As there are just the 2 of us , our budget is between 30-50 pounds a night , preferably with breakfast ! We are planning to hire a car and drive around so commuting is not such an issue .

is it best to book in advance or on arrival?

hello its my first time traveling across europe and i wondered if it is best to book acomodation in advance or on arrival as i dont know how strictly i want to stick to my schedule, is this a good idea or once a plan has been mapped out should i stick to it daily?

thank you for your time and thoughts Smile

Montalcino, Italy

Any hotel suggestions in the Montalcino, Italy area?

1st trip to europe

17 days to see 4 countries, 4 adults, need help in places to stay, cities to see, places to see, restuarants. budget $8,000.00 us for the 4 of usHow do we get around?

When to start booking air and hotels?

My friend Jen and I are going to be heading to Europe from the end of May into the late June in 2010. Obviously airlines and hotels are not this far out as of yet so we are unable to start booking or researching prices for flights. When is a good time frame to start booking? I’ve heard 6months from your trip. Also, what is the furthest out that airlines start to have booking available? Is it 12 months? Hope this made sense, my brain isn’t working this afternoon and I couldn’t word this the most coherently…lol

Thanks! Wink