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This will be my first time traveling to Europe. I wish to cover a lot of ground in 1-2 months but i’ll use 45 days as my working timeline. I’ve heard that you should concentrate on doing a few countries and cities but I’ve always pushed myself to the max in everything I do and this trip will be no exception.

Switzerland Itinerary Planning

My sister and I are going on a trip to Switzerland in about two weeks. We are flying into Zurich and have 11 free days before we fly back out. We will be staying in hostels, and will be couchsurfing. I have a few places in mind that I want to go: Interlaken, Berner Oberland, appenzell, Bern. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some other areas to visit or fun things to do that wouldn’t be very expensive.

4 weeks country/Itinerary advice

I’m planing a four week trip to Europe in September 2012, it’ll be my first time to Europe. It seems like it might not be a lot of time to plan. I will be going with a friend, but I was wondering how ambitious or what’s a good amount of time to spend in an area, I’m interested in seeing a few museums, churches, landscape, experience culture and world landmarks for sure. I’m thinking:
London, England
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Lucerne, Switzerland – or somewhere to see the Alps
Salzburg, Austria
Italy:Venice, Pisa, Rome,
Vatican, Vatican
Athens, Greece.

Need help in planning itinerary

This the tentative plan that I’ve come up with. I realize that I’m being a little over ambitious. I need some advice as to what I can skip completely and also suggestions for places that I’ve missed out on.I want to include Rome and maybe even Venice but i can’t seem to work out how.Some help please!!!

Baden Baden (Black forest)
Barcelona- Ibiza-Valencia

The trip is to be for about a month. I’m interested in sight-seeing, beaches and night-life.

Need help for my first trip

I’m looking for some assistance with my itinerary.

Basque Country suggestions! Help!

We will be flying in and out of San Sebastian, spending 2 weeks there in late June/early July. We have never been to the region and are interested in the food, wine, natural beauty and culture. We are spending a week in san sebastian as a base and will see Bilbao. We are looking for trips, excursions from san sebastian and other areas to visit within a 3 hour drive based upon experiences others have had. We are thinking about spending a day or 2 in Rioja (or less likely Bordeaux) for a bit of wine education.

Summer 2012 Itinerary - any insights and advice?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forums and I am very excited to be part of this community!! My wife and I are planning a 5 week backpacking trip to Spain, France and Italy. We are just getting started and below is a tentative itinerary. So far we have come up with 25 days of activities from landing in Madrid on May 22nd to departure from Rome on June 15th. But we are open to extending our stay based on your feedback.

We are both graduate students and this is our dream trip.

2 extra days in which city?

I’m going on a 56 day trip around europe with busabout, and I have 2 extra days in my intinerary in the first half of the trip, but I don’t know which city would be best to spend it in? I’m starting in London on May 27th, for 4 days, Paris for 4 days, then 3 days each in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich and Venice. Any ideas or personal preferences for which city would be the best to spend some extra time in?

Help With My Itinerary Please!

Alright, so I’m planning my first Eurotrip for summer 2012. I’ll be leaving from Reno, NV, US with $4500 for anywhere from 19 to 30 days. Airfare to and from Europe is not included in the budget. So far I’m planning on going to:

Dublin: 3 days
Edinburgh: 3 days
Glasgow: 2 days
Inveraray: 2 days
Paris: 3 days
Prague: 3 days
Amsterdam: 3 days

I’m into History so I like cathedrals and historic sites, but I also love me a pint, so I would like a balance between sightseeing during the morning and afternoon, and hitting some pubs and nightlife during the night.

Help with finalizing a 25 day itinerary

Hey everyone,

I will heading out to Madrid on the 31st with a friend after flying out of JFK (New York). We’re both college students (19-20) on low budgets but looking to get the most out of this rare opportunity. For the most part, we have a general itinerary setup but would greatly appreciate help in tweaking it. The major concerns we have with it are: Are we being overly ambitious with locations and not going enough justice to them? If so, what can be cut/reduced/added?

What recommendations would you make for travel?