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Cheap Flights? Working our way from Rome to Amsterdam

We’re thinking of starting a 2 – 2 1/2 week trip in Rome, then making our way to Italy, Munich, Paris, Brussels with a day trip to Bruges, and ending up in Amsterdam (we think that’s probably the best order, but if you have any other suggestions that’s great). We thought at first that we would just take the Eurail to every city, but the gaps between Florence, Munich, and Paris are pretty far. Also, Italy isn’t adjacent to Germany, so it couldnt’ be counted on a 4-country pass.

In Europe for two weeks - what not to miss?

My friend and I are thinking about going backpacking for two weeks the summer after high school graduation. We definately want to go to Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam. What are some of the best places to go?

Also, what do you think is a good amount of time to spend in each city, keeping in mind that we want to see as many cities as possible without losing the experience of getting to know each city?

Traveling from Paris... Any suggestions?

This will be my first trip to Oktoberfest and I am so excited! I am going to be living in France next year so I will be traveling from Paris. Does anyone have any good, cheap suggestions for getting there?

15th or 10th arrondissement - where to stay in Paris??

I have an option to rent an apartment in the 15th arrondissement (Rue Foundry) which is 10 mins from the Eiffel Tower or an apartment in the 10th arrondissement, 100 meters from Canal St. Martin. As I am the only adult traveling with 6 (mature) teenagers, what would be the best option? Safety is obviously the first concern, but I also want to be in an area where there are nice restaurants and cafes open late. We intend to do a lot of walking around so the more “central” a location the better.

Paris Anyone?! -Advice/Help!

Anybody who’ll be in Paris around Feb 27-March 2? My compadres bailed out on me and I’m traveling alone and passing by Paris for those days. Would love to meet up with adventurous peeps.

Also, any inputs on places to stay i.e. hostels/hotels in Paris?

If you were alone in Paris what places would you go to and how would you plan out your 3 days in the city?

France day trip

Has anyone done a day trip to either normandy invasion or mt saint michel? My question is if it is possible to do both in one day? Thinking about renting a car and leaving first thing in the morning and trying to visit both in a day. I know preferably a day at each would be great, but if this is the only opportunity to see either, is it worth it to try and do both? If not, which would you recommend seeing? thanks

Food In Eurpoe

I could not find anywhere on this sight where it talked about food. I am going to be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I would like to know how much roughly i would be spending on food per day in each city. If someone could give me a low end amount and an high end amount. My friends and i will probably be drinking a lot of beer. Maybe add that into the cost. Thanks for the help.

Where to go

Planning on going to Paris in April/May of 2010 with my girlfriend. I have seen most of Europe already and this will be her 1st trip. We are starting in Paris and are unsure of our next two stops. 2 big things to consider are time and money of course, so i’m looking for the best value (easiest to travel to, price, stuff to see and do). Here are our choices
start in paris, then:
1. brussels, amsterdam
2. London, Edinburgh
3. Barcelona, Madrid
4. Munich, Salzburg
5. Venice, Rome

thanks for your thoughts

Eurostar trains cancelled indefinitely

*This is from the Associated Press
Dec 20, 2009*

LONDON — The only passenger rail link between Britain and the rest of Europe has been shut down indefinitely, Eurostar said Sunday, promising more travel misery for thousands of stranded passengers just before Christmas.

Services have been suspended since late Friday, when a series of glitches stranded five trains inside the Channel Tunnel and trapped more than 2,000 passengers for hours in stuffy and claustrophobic conditions.

Some panicked passengers stayed underground for more than 15 hours without food or water, or any clear ide

La Mosquée de Paris
Church in Paris, France