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Hotel du Champs du Mars
Hostel in Paris, France
Jardin du Luxembourg‎
Park in Paris, France

Vienna to Paris (and maybe to UK)

Hi All!

We (2 of us) are trying to figure out the best way to get from Vienna to Paris by train – and we have had no real success. We can’t figure out what the prices are on OBB, or if that is even the best way to go. We want to leave Vienna on July 13th with a ticket to Paris. Any suggestion on the best way to do this? Also – is there any type of pass we could by that would get us from Vienna to Paris, let us travel around France and than get us to the UK? I’m guessing no, but thought I would ask anyways.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Recommended Hostels?

My best friend and I are traveling around Europe this summer and I was wondering if anyone could recommend good hostels in the countries that we’re going to. We are looking for places in the city near bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes.
We will be visiting:


What is the best way to get around?

My itinerary is mostly Western Europe.
I have a lot of questions so please bear with me.

Shall I buy a Eurail pass for the whole 2 months?
I was thinking of booking a flight from Barcelona to Nice.
Should I also book a flight from Paris to Barcelona?
When do you think would be most appropriate to ride overnight trains?

Thx in advance guys!

Philadelphia to Paris (one way more expensive?)


I just graduated and am moving from Philadelphia to Paris. My lease is up on June 1st and I need to leave by then, but am able to travel a few days before.

Since I am moving it makes sense to get a one way flight, but everything that I have seen is more expensive than the roundtrip. Is that normal?

My student ID is valid through august.

Cheapest I have found was on and is USD 388 to CDG with British Airways on June 1st (with student discount, and it is a roundtrip).

Sites to book Train Tickets

I was wondering if anyone new of some good Cheap sites where I could book point to point tickets from. I am traveling from Rome to Munich, then from Munich to Berlin, Berlin to Sweden via plane and back to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Rome all by train

Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris SOLO

I have planned my first trip to europe and SOLO (travelling by myself). I will be in Berlin (may 23rd) and leavin form Paris (june 1st). I plan on doing Amsterdam as well. Since I am new to this, I would really appreciate any advice / tips / or places not to miss! I won’t lie, I am pretty nervous about travelling alone!!

Flo (20 yr old girl from Montreal, Canada )

Views on Traveling Alone

So I“m going to Europe alone .. my BF bailed she has surgery and I was fine and now I’m freaking out .. 4 days before I leave.. so what do you ppl think its a go? or a NO?

Please Advise on Best Train to take from Paris to Venice during the day

Hello !!

My Wife and me will be travelling from Dubai to Paris for a wedding in August and would like to do a 2 day trip to Venice by Train and fly back to Paris later.

Could you kindly advise me the best way to get to Venice from Paris by Train. Is it worth doing the Paris To Venice train ride we want to do it during the day so we get to see the country side of both France and Italy.

Your suggestions will be of great help….. Vinay