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How to get from these airports to the downtown area...without cabbing.

Okay so I’m flying through ryanair, (right there you can guess I’m on a certain kind of budget) and I don’t think cabbing it from airports would even be part of the budget.
Now, I basically need help on how to get from the following airports to the downtown area (i am trying to google, but I just don’t even know where to start or towards what area I should want to go).

Travelogue Entry in Paris, France

Question about Summer Flights to France

Hey guys!

I was just wondering, since I’ve been looking for a ticket for about a month – is $950.00 a good price to pay for a round trip to Paris from California in Mid-June (returning mid-July: US Air). Also – are there any cities that are historicaly cheaper to fly into from California in the summer that I should be aware of?

Thanks so much for any help!

Three Ducks

My friend and I are looking for a nice, cheap hostel near the Gare Montparnasse (train st). We found the Three Ducks Hostel, has anyone stayed here and is it nice? The reviews are mixed.
Does anyone know of any other hostels close by and around the same price of (22 Euros). Any input would be great. Thanks

First Time Going to Europe...would like advice


I’m planning my first trip to Europe and would like some advice. I’d like to visit Rome, Paris, London, Venice and Amsterdam. I’m thinking the trip will be a total of 16 days — so I’m wondering if three days in each place is enough time realistically or whether I should cut down the places I want to visit. I will say that I have family and friends in London — not sure if I need to allot more time there.

ONLY 10 days for a Eurotrip - HELP!

Help, please! My sis and I have only 10 days for a Europe trip (excluding arrival and departure days). We’re flying in and out of London and are definitely planning also to hit Paris. We’re really interested in seeing Italy and Spain, as well…but is there enough time?! Or should we narrow it down? Which cities should we see? How many days is enough in each? EEK! Thanks so much in advance for any advice!

PARIS Nightclubs/Bars/Restaurants

Hi guys,

So I am all booked to head to Paris for a week and was wondering if I could get some insight on pubs/bars/clubs/restaurants. We are staying in the Champs Elsyees area of Paris, so would want to party around there, but will also venture out of that area as well. We are staying at Le Fleche D’or if anyone knows where that is, and has any opinions on it…

We are two couples in our mid-20s, so we like to have a good time… any suggestions?

3 Ducks Paris
Hostel in Paris, France