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It’s a bit long but I really hope you could spare the time to read:

I’m starting to plan a euro-trip for me and a couple of friends. we are around the ages of 22-23 and a non-eu citizens (I have a romanian passport tough I understand it doesn’t give me much). I have explored about every online site concerning that and to tell the truth i don’t really know where to start…

15 Nights in Europe

I am in the process of planning a trip to Europe. I will arrive in Rome on May 27th at 10am and my return flight leaves on June 11th from Rome. I have a rough idea of where I want to go.
Night 1: Stay in Rome
Night 2-4: Cinque Terre
Night 5-6: Southern coast of France
Night 7-8: Possibly Lyon or somewhere nearby
Night 9: Switzerland
Night 10-11: Munich
Night 12-13: Austria
Night 14: Bologna, Venice or Tuscany
Night 15: Back to Rome

Is this too much? I will travel by train, will I have enough time to get from place to place? .


Hello everyone,

I have exactly 9 days off in September, planning to go to Madrid, then Paris and finally Amsterdam.

I have a friend who leaves near Madrid and can find me a place to stay there, planning on 2 days, then Paris 2 days, maybe one night at a hostel and leaving to Amsterdam the following night. In Amsterdam, I have a friend also, so no spending $ with hotels.

However, everything else is still unplanned.

Money and Planning

Hey everyone

I’m not sure if this should go in packing, but none of the other categories seemed appropriate. Anyways, I’m just planning for my trip, but I’m really not sure what I should consider when making my budget. I’ve already got my transport and living figured out. Is there any other huge expenses I should consider?

Another thing: I’m traveling through mostly heavily populated western cities (amsterdam, paris, london, etc.) and a few eastern cities (Krakow, Prague). So taking that into account, How much should I expect to be paying per day?

Decision Time
Travelogue Entry in London, United Kingdom

The Nomad Backpackers

14:37 minutes (13.39 MB)

Matt speaks with Natalie and Justin of who are on an open ended backpacking trip around the world.

Our First Trip

My cousin and I are planning our first trip to Europe (hopefully Spain, Italy, France, and Ireland) and it will just be the two of us girls. We are leaving from the US sometime this summer and want to stay for about a month but we’re kind of overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start! We’re looking for advice on anything and everything to do with planning, where to stay, and what we have to see while we’re there. Please help us backpacking virgins!

First-Time Europe

First-Time Europe (by Louis CasaBianca)

Draft Itinerary

Hi everyone!

I’ve been racking my brain trying to sort out a travel itinerary for Europe next year for myself and friends. I’ve come up with this:

Valencia (Benicassim Festival) – 5 nights

Zurich (via overnight train) – 2 nights outwith transfer

Ljubljana (via overnight train) – 3 nights outwith transfer

Budapest (via overnight train) – 3 nights outwith transfer

Prague – 3 nights

Munich – 4 nights

Stuttgart – 3 nights

Paris – 4 nights

Amsterdam – 4nights