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San Fermin

Best Days To Visit The Pamplona Fiesta

Avoid The Weekend If You Want To Run With The Bulls
Over the last 20 years the fiesta in Pamplona has become more and more popular with many young men keen to try and risk their well-being by attempting to run with the bulls through the streets of Pamplona. However the mistake many of them make is to not do any research before they attempt the run. That is like, attempting to drive in a Grand Prix without ever taking a driving lesson. Yes it is pure madness!

Madrid to Pamplona-- Why so difficult?

Trying to purchase a bus ticket from Madrid to Pamplona for san fermin, because the renfe train is expensive.

I tried http://www.movelia.e… I get all the way to the Payment option and the payment never goes through.. the same happened on renfe site. My bank says it’s the websites fault.. I’m just really having trouble with simple things like booking a bus ticket being so difficult. Is there a site that actually works?

SIDE NOTE: for those looking to book on from the states, the english version of the site it <—- hope that helps.

Running of the Bulls with Stoke Travel

If anybody is thinking about going to Running of the Bulls then:
1) Do it! It is the best festival I have been to in Europe!
2) Check out Stoke Travel ( They do awesome trips (I went with them last yeat and doing the same this year). Great price, great vibe and 5€ unlimited beer and sangria each day!!!
3) Watch out for dead mans corner!