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South of France

Dividing the South of France in Half

I am going to spend 2/3 days in Nice, and go to Menton, Eze, and/or Antibes. Then I wanted to go a bit further south (Aix being about as far west as I would venture) for 2/3 days before I head to Dijon.

My question is; can some one recommend a good town/city to use as a hub? I’d love to stay in a place like Le Lavandou, but my budget is small. I’m interested in off-the-beaten-track towns (researching as we speak), and of course sandy beaches. WinkJust wondering what place would be more convenient for day trips, but also fine if I wanted to lay on a beach instead.

Spain or South of France?

I am going to be vacationing in Biarritz this summer (end of July) for abour 4-5 days. After that I would like to go somewhere else for around 4-5 days. Originally I was looking into Bareclona and Madrid but someone told me the south of France is beautiful/interesting as well. I am definitely traveling on a small budget. This would be my first time in all of these places so I dont really know where I should go.

Any suggestions?

South of France, suggestions?

Hello everyone,

My two friends and I are backpacking this summer and have allocated 5 days for the south of France around late May and early June, but we aren’t sure where to go exactly. Ideally we’re looking for cute, small towns with restaurants and cafes that will keep us occupied for a day or two as we travel around. We’re all still in college, so we would like places with some social life, but we are also on a pretty tight budget, making St. Tropez and Cannes out of the question.

Port Grimaud
District in Saint-Tropez, France