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Tour Spain and Morocco On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “From Flamenco to Fez” presents a 2 continent, 3 country trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. It features Madrid, Toledo, Grenada (the Alhambra), Seville (Spain), Fez and Marrakesh in Morocco, Lisbon, & Fatima in Portugal, plus much more, including a lavish Berber spectacle of music, dancing, and horse riding.

The video can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.

Madrid to Pamplona-- Why so difficult?

Trying to purchase a bus ticket from Madrid to Pamplona for san fermin, because the renfe train is expensive.

I tried http://www.movelia.e… I get all the way to the Payment option and the payment never goes through.. the same happened on renfe site. My bank says it’s the websites fault.. I’m just really having trouble with simple things like booking a bus ticket being so difficult. Is there a site that actually works?

SIDE NOTE: for those looking to book on from the states, the english version of the site it <—- hope that helps.

San Sebastian or Barcelona?

We have a group of 15 travelling from Paris to Spain on Thursday Sept 6 and flying out of Madrid on Sunday Sept 9. The problem is nobody wants to spend any time in Madrid so we’re trying to decide if we’d rather stay in Barcelona or San Sebastian.

If we choose Barcelona we will probably take the overnight train from Paris.

Good eurotrip route?

A couple of friends and I want to go on the cliché trip to Europe after graduate high school next summer. We’ll be a group of 4 girls, all 18 (one 17 until halfway through the trip, but I don’t think that should be too much of an issue) and we want to visit 8 cities (Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, and London) for 1 month and 1 week. We realize that’s not the largest amount of time, but we’re working with what we have. We’ve all visited Europe before with our families, study abroad programs, teen summer tours, or all of the above.

Spains Beaches

So Im planning a solo trip to Spain this summer and was hoping to hit some beaches. Ive heard Spain has a lot of them. I was curious what the best beaches to visit as a solo backpacker would be.

Ive heard Ibiza is great, but really only good for groups of people. San Sebastian is supposedly nice but doesnt have to much going on, and the Andalucia Region in Southern Spain is supposedly pretty nice.

Im looking to swim, surf and do water sports during the day, and would like to go out and meet new people and have a good time at night.

Any help you guys got would go a long way.

May Euro trip help!!-- Rome, Barcelona, Figueres, Dublin, Galway!

Hey! So I’ve been dying to do a Euro Trip. I spent the majority of last winter scouring travel books, sites, and anything else I could get my hands on. I decided upon a handful of places to hit in May. I get off from college the 2nd of May and am willing to travel up until the 24th or so.

I was leaning more or so the 8th to the 23rd (dates can be flexible).

Would it be plausible to hit Rome, Italy first. Then fly to Barcelona to spend time there and take a day trip to Figueres to see Salvador Dalí`s museum. Then I would fly to Ireland to see friends from the summer who live there.

Sept. 1 - Oct. 1 2012: 1 Month - England, France, Spain, Italy

My wife and I have never been to europe. We would be leaving from Maryland in the USA (flying out of BWI). We are planning a 1 month trip next year, and are tentatively planning for sept 1st through oct 1st. We are tentatively aiming for 5 days in England, 9 days in France, 5 days in Spain, and 11 days in Italy. We are budgeting $10k. We are in our late 20’s.

First and foremost i’d like a critique, or any feedback on our proposed itinerary below.
1. What am I missing?
2. What would you add?
3. What would you take away?
4. Are we trying to do too much?

Need a Little Help with an Informative Speech

I’ve chosen 2 cities from each country (Spain, France and Italy) and am going to tell the class a little about them. The cities are Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, ____, Venice and Rome. The blank is because I would like to list a city in the South of France with great beaches, but I’m not sure of one yet. Basically, I want to say about each city a few tourist attractions to see, where to dine and maybe some nightlife and/or a MUST DO.

Help finding cheap flight to Europe

I hate to be “that guy”, but as a poor college student I’ll take all of the help I can get

I plan on going to Europe next summer from May 27th-July 3rd. I’d like to fly out of the Bay Area, CA (so SJC, SFO, or OAK), and I’d like to fly into London. The departure date isn’t in stone, and anything between May 24th-27th I’d take if the price is right.

However, my return flight will need to be out of Madrid on July 3rd. I didn’t want to plan my trip in a giant circle so I’d rather keep it a multi-city flight.