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Guided tours vs. solo travel

Hi Everyone

I know there are a few topics out there on this already but I wanted to talk about it again and not be buried under dozens of responses.

I have been traveling in Europe numerous times over the past 10 years and except for my first trip with a school group that ignited my travel bug, all my trips have been independent. I’ve gone with friends and family and have always really enjoyed myself. Recently I had two weeks off in February and was in the position to take another trip.

Study Abroad Trip

I’m going to study abroad in Alcala de Henares, Spain from May 18th to June 16th and I had a few questions as this is my first trip abroad.

We have a few free weekends to travel besides planned trips to Segovia, Toledo and Barcelona. Any suggestions on what to do? I’m open for any city or country and we have from Thursday until Sunday night.

I’ll also be flying out of Rome on June 26th, any tips on what to do with my luggage since me and a buddy will be travelling around between Alcala and Rome for those 10 days? Also, any places that are must see between those 2 places?

Discover Spain & Morocco On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “From Flamenco to Fez” presents a 2 continent, 3 country trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. It features Madrid, Toledo, Grenada (the Alhambra), Seville (Spain), Fez and Marrakesh in Morocco, Lisbon, & Fatima in Portugal, plus much more, including a lavish Berber spectacle of music, dancing, and horse riding.

The video can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.

Suggestions for my eurotrip itinerary

Hello guys, How are you today?

I am planning to go to Europe this summer for one month (4 weeks) I have the following itinerary but I need suggestions by you of the amount of days per city and adding/removing places. Maybe a little town around could be a good option also. what do you think of my plan? I am really excited because it would be my first travel to Europe. By the way, I will bring with me 3.000 US$ (I need to pay the train pass with it) plus airplane ticket.

2 weeks in Spain

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking over the forums and there this some amazing information on here, after going back and forward I decided to spend my two weeks backpacking, in Spain. Just to note I will be backpacking after graduation, so late April to Early May, and this is my first time backpacking and as far as I know going it alone.

For cost reason I plan on taking a round trip flight to Barcelona, so I will be traveling back to Barcelona. I also plan to use train (eurorail?)Travel from locations; however I am not opposed to flying within the country.

Madrid to Palma del Condado?


I need to go to Palma del Condado from Madrid on Tuesday. I can’t drive so I can only use public transport.
What is the best method to reach Palma del Condado from Madrid? Bus, Train?

Leaving for Madrid in few hours, would really need some help lol!


Spain on a scooter?


I lurked around this place before I did this trip across Spain and found some useful information here, so I thought I would give something back. I am half way through doing my video diary. Hope fully you will find it useful and a bit of fun. The coming back part was on a 125 generic scooter Wink…

If you would like to subscribe I can send you an email when the next videos are there.

Best "must sees" in Spain

I will be in Spain for the first 3 wks in September and naturally want to make the most of it. I would love everyone’s feedback on their experience of the best places, most memorable, favorite and why so I can choose wisely on where to go and what to see.

Thanks for any tips!!

The College Eurotrip I never took... until now
Travelogue Entry in Cannes, France

Spain or South of France?

I am going to be vacationing in Biarritz this summer (end of July) for abour 4-5 days. After that I would like to go somewhere else for around 4-5 days. Originally I was looking into Bareclona and Madrid but someone told me the south of France is beautiful/interesting as well. I am definitely traveling on a small budget. This would be my first time in all of these places so I dont really know where I should go.

Any suggestions?