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2009 Europe Trip

2 friends and I are planning about a 2 month backpacking trip around Europe for May-Julyish. Our list of countries we’re going to is as follows:

England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and France. Ireland and Scotland are also a possibility if time permits to go between England and Netherlands, if we did so we wouldn’t dedicate quite as much time to those as the other countries on our list.

We anticipate starting in London, England and working our way around in a circle from there and ending up in Paris, France. The cities we have decided we absolutely must go to are:

Barcelona & Italy Itinerary - 2 Weeks in December

Over December, my wife and I will be taking a dream trip for us for about 16 days in Spain and Italy. Here is our rough itinerary.

Friday Dec 19 Fly to Barcelona

Saturday Dec 20 Arrive in Barcelona mid-day

Sunday Dec 21 Barcelona

Monday Dec 22 Barcelona

Tuesday Dec 23 AM Flight to Venice/Venezia

Wednesday Dec 24 Venice/Venezia PM Train to Vernazza – 394 Kilometers

Thursday Dec 25 Vernazza

Friday Dec 26 AM Train to Florence/Firenze – 179 Kilometers

Saturday Dec 27 Florence/Firenze

Barcelona or Rome

My wife and I are spending two weeks in Italy and Spain this December. It’s the only possible window for us. We are looking to primarily see Barcelona in Spain, although we are considering multiple stops in Italy.

1) Is it best to fly into Barcelona or Rome?

2) Once there, what is the most effective and enjoyable way to get between Italy and Barcelona for two people? Should we fly? If so, how much should budget per flight? Should we take a ferry or train? We want it to be enjoyable, though we do not want to sacrifice too much of our trip’s time or budget getting between the two.

what would be the best ticket to purchase?

My friend and I are going travelling for 10 days around europe the main cities we want to go to are barcelona, venice with a day trip to milan, nice, and amsterdam and maybe berlin, so thats 4 or 5 countries. I was thinking of getting the 5 country pass how does that one work or is there cheaper tickets ? as i dont really understand how all the tickes work. I live in london so will it be easier to catch one of the trains to my first stop and is that easy to book and look at schedules.

France, Spain, Italy Itinerary help please!

Hi everyone! My friends and I are attempting to draft up an itinerary for traveling in Western Europe, and I was hoping you all could give me your opinion on it. Keep in mind that this is a very, very rough itinerary!
We are studying in England beforehand, so we would take the Eurostar from London to Paris. The trip would be from August 16th-September 9th, with us finally heading back home from Rome.

France (August 16th-24th) – Paris, Nice, Cannes, Bourdeaux, Toulouse

Spain (August 25th-31st) – Barcelona, Madrid…anywhere else?

Italy (September 1st-9th)

Spain-Italy Itinerary

Good day!

A girlfriend and I are planning a 2 to 3 week trip to Spain and Italy this July. Both of us have traveled separately around France, Germany and some parts of Italy. But during this trip we have particular cities that we want to visit because of friends and family in the area. So we would like to request for some help from the experts.

We are flying into Barcelona then we need to go to Madrid and Malaga (maybe include Sevilla). In Italy, we need to be in Florence and Rome, since Singapore Air flies out only from Rome in Italy.

Our travel itinerary is